2 Construction Methods That Save Money


Whether you are renovating a commercial or residential structure, the construction process costs a significant amount of money, especially now that building materials are more expensive. An average home construction project may cost around $300,000. While you can get by with $13,000, the usual range is from $150,000 to $440,000.

Fortunately, recent developments in the construction industry offer us more ways to save money without compromising any of the original plans. In fact, the following methods give us more benefits than traditional techniques.

So, before you call your friendly masonry contractors in Kansas City or any other area you want to build a house in, check whether these approaches will work for you:

Modular Building

While modular construction seems new to many of us, it has been around for centuries already. The first modular building was probably built in the 1800s based on a report that appeared in South Australian Record. The first designer and creator of a modular building were an Englishman named Henry Manning, but his creation was not erected anywhere in Europe. It was shipped to Australia.

Modular buildings were popular until the late 1960s, especially after the war when many people lost their homes and needed a quick replacement.

Nevertheless, builders and architects were not a fan of this approach to construction. Luckily, the latest technology is changing the way people view modular buildings, thanks to design customization options.

Construction site

If you are planning to build a home or office, one of the benefits you can get from modular construction the cost savings. This method takes less time to apply; therefore, lessening the amount of money you need to spend on labor.

Since modular buildings are built off-site, you can go on with your business without worrying about disruptions caused by construction. In addition, the weather is no longer a cause of delays because the modules are constructed indoors

Green Building

We know that eco-friendly structures can do wonders for us and the environment. But did you know that they are cheaper to build, too? Moreover, the World Green Building Council (WGBC) reports that green buildings have more economic benefits than we thought. First, they help us save water and energy, which means we’re saving on utility costs. The European Commission estimated that, globally, €280 to €410 billion of savings on energy spending is possible.

Aside from saving energy, green buildings have a higher value than non-eco-friendly ones. When compared to traditional buildings, green ones have 7% more asset value.

In addition, the number of people interested in occupying eco-friendly buildings is increasing, which translates to a fast return on investment. This is probably because people know the environmental and health benefits of living or working in eco-friendly structures.

Here are some of the benefits of staying in green properties:

  • Increased brain function. Three universities conducted a study on individuals working in green offices and found that they have a 101% increase in cognitive scores.
  • Better sleep. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine reveals that working in green workspaces gives us 46 minutes more sleep.
  • Improved overall performance. Because green structures have better indoor air quality, our bodies can function better.

By choosing to build both modular and green structures, you are helping your pocket, the environment, and society. Start looking for a reputable contractor that can help with your construction project today.

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