The Real Scoop on the 7-Skins Method

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Imagine having radiant, plumped up, bouncy skin like the one you get after an ultra-luxe hour long facial at an expensive spa. Now visualize yourself having flawless skin like this forever — or as long as you can keep up with the maintenance that is.

But first, how? The answer, the Korean 7-skins method, commonly called 7 skins. Put simply, the 7 skins method involves applying layer upon layer of toner or essence right after cleansing your face.

How does the 7-Skins method work?

Typically, if you apply layer upon layer of skincare products on your face, the product either stay on the topmost layer of your skin or evaporates, so they don’t get absorbed fully. When you do the 7-skin method however, it will allow your skin to efficiently absorb a thin layer of product at a time, ultimately making certain that your skin will absorb every single layer.

Popular skincare 7 skin enthusiasts swear by include toners and skincare products from Korea, such as the Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence from CosRX, Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner, and Klairs Supple Preparation Facial.

One of the primary reasons that you get that glowing, radiant skin after an expensive facial is because your skin will be massaged and steamed to ensure that nourishing serums will be able to penetrate your skin more thoroughly.

This means that your face will absorb more than its usual dose of hydrating and skin-plumping skincare products. And when you do this seven times, your skin will be able to absorb a significant amount of your toners and essences, giving you that bouncy, healthy glow.

When you consistently do the 7 skins method, your skin will be more hydrated, plumped up, radiant, and smoother since you’re basically establishing a healthier environment for your skin cells to work better.

How does one do the 7-Skins method?

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In general, you start by cleansing your face with a gentle cleanser and then pat, or air dry your face for several seconds. While still slightly damp, press and pat your desired toner or essence. Wait several seconds for it to sink in and then repeat the process six more times.

Remember though that the idea behind 7 skins is to ensure better absorption of the toner so you’ll have to do some trial and error. Some people do 7 skins daily, morning and night, others do it thrice weekly or once weekly, usually after an at-home face peel.

Some only do five layers, while others do only three. You can easily adjust how many layers to do depending on how your skin is feeling that day.

What are things to watch out for?

When finding the perfect number of layers, your skin can take, start with at least three layers and then go from there. This is especially important if you use other products on your face other than toners or essences since there’s a chance that what you layer on top of it will pill, particularly when used with sunscreen and makeup.

Lastly, don’t use toners or essences with alcohol, synthetic fragrances, or cleansing agents because these could irritate your skin when applied in layers, which will defeat the purpose of doing 7 skins in the first place.

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