4 Most Common Workplace Accidents and How to Avoid Them

construction worker wearing his safety uniform

In the workplace, everyone is at risk for an accident, even when working for the most careful construction company. How can your company avoid them? Well, here are some of the most common workplace accidents and the things you can do so that they don’t happen:

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, about 563,600 people experienced a work-related injury or illness from 2017-2018. A big chunk of this statistic comes from the construction industry, even with proper onsite protection supplies.

Accidents usually result from a series of events, both preventable and unpreventable. Not only do these accidents cause injury and harm to workers; they also make construction companies lose working days (and money). That said, taking extra steps to prevent workplace accidents will be beneficial to workers and their employers.

Falling from a height

Falls cause major injury to workers, and in the worst cases, even fatality. This is one of the most common work-related injuries in Australia and it’s one of the most significant risks for construction workers.

To avoid this type of accident, ensure that proper fall protection is always in place. Invest in fall protection gear, handrails, toe rails, and other things that can protect the safety of workers. Scaffolding, which contributes most of the risk, should always be properly installed and monitored.

Slipping or tripping

This type of workplace accident often happens in many industries, not just in construction. Slips and trips can occur in offices, classrooms, restaurants, and many other sites that don’t pay attention to possible hazards. The type of risks that can result in a worker slipping or tripping are loose carpets or mats, flooring that lacks traction, wet or oily floors, spills, loose cables, debris, and improper shoes. Make sure you frequent the work site so you can spot any hazards that may cause an accident.

Getting caught or crushed by machinery

close shot of a welding machine being used

The “caught in-between” accident happens when workers get caught or crushed between two objects. A majority of this type of accident is caused by unattended machinery or poorly placed heavy objects.

The prevention of accidents like these is a no-brainer. Make sure only authorized operators use the machinery and equipment. Always remind your workers of any potential crush points and other machinery parts that can hurt them. Employ a system wherein machinery and equipment are always turned off and locked properly after a workday, and make sure there is no piece of machinery that is left unattended while it’s on. Moreover, monitor your workers and make sure they have no loose clothing, jewelry, or long hair that can easily get caught in machines.

Getting electrocuted

Electrocutions are in the top four causes of workplace deaths and is a significant threat to workers in the construction industry. Many possible reasons can cause electrocution. However, most of them can be prevented by providing workers with good-quality PPE and safety training. Remember that PPE is a requirement for construction sites.

Workplace accidents can cost both worker and employer health, time, and money. These accidents are easily avoidable with the proper precautions and proactive measures. As a construction company owner, you should always make sure your worksite is safe for each and every worker.

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