6 Cool Gadgets to Bring on Your Next Trip

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While traveling for leisure may not return to normal until the pandemic ends, there is no harm in planning your next adventure while waiting for things to blow over. As you’re doing so, you may want to add a few more gadgets to your travel arsenal.

If you want to make your next trip safer, more convenient, and a lot more enjoyable, here are some cool gadgets that you shouldn’t go without.

1. Drone

Your DSLR may enable you to take fantastic ground shoots, but why not take it to the next level and take pictures from above? A drone is a fantastic addition to your collection of travel gadgets. It will allow you to take amazing aerial pictures and videos relatively easily and will let you see sights that you wouldn’t be able to see from the ground. If you’re an avid travel photographer, getting one of the best American-made drone cameras can also expand your portfolio with gorgeous shots from the air.

2. Compact steam iron

Clothes will inevitably get wrinkled when they get packed in a suitcase, more so if your luggage is almost bursting at the seams. And if you don’t have access to an iron, you will have no choice but to wear your wrinkled clothes, which is not exactly an ideal situation to be in.

Luckily, modern technology has made it possible to carry a compact iron everywhere you go. If you are packing clothes that are easily wrinkled, don’t leave without bringing a travel steam iron, too. This device is compact with most models being roughly the size of a hand, meaning you can get wrinkles out of your clothes almost anywhere.

3. Action camera

It’s risky–and oftentimes downright impossible–to take pictures or videos while doing something adventurous, like kayaking down a river or bungee jumping off a bridge. If you want to preserve those exciting memories without losing your smartphone or camera, get an action camera to capture shots for you while your hands are busy pushing skis or holding onto a parasail bar for dear life.

4. Electric razor

A good-quality electric razor is a must-have grooming essential that every male traveler should have. Pick out the best razor for your skin type and hair growth. At the same time, consider the level of maintenance you’re willing to put in your razor. If you’re on the go, you may not be able to maintain the razor frequently, so choose razor that only needs periodic cleanings. Moreover, it’s also a good idea to go for a cordless razor, which is more convenient when traveling and will allow you to shave even when you don’t have access to a socket.

5. Slim wallet

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A bulky wallet is inconvenient to carry in your pockets while traveling. Before going on a trip, take out unnecessary contents from your wallet, such as unimportant receipts, cards, and anything else that you will not need. If your wallet is still bulky, you may want to invest in a slim wallet that will stay thin even with your money, passport, and cards in it.

6. Travel blazer

Staying stylish can be a challenge when you’re traveling, especially if you’re trying to travel light. To keep your luggage light and still look like a million bucks, pack a travel blazer or wear one in transit. Unlike normal blazers, a travel blazer is breathable, lightweight, and wrinkle-resistant, which allows it to look great even after a long day of traveling. By having one, you can look presentable at drinks or dinner even if you’ve just stepped off a flight.

Soon enough, we will be able to travel again without the risk of getting COVID. While you’re waiting for the pandemic to end and dreaming up your next destination, here are the best things that you should add to your packing list.

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