Barbershop Improvement Ideas for Post-pandemic Reopening


The pandemic left an impact on every small business establishment, but barbershops were hit particularly hard. Before the stay-at-home orders, they have already suffered a steep decline in customers as fear of viral transmissions swelled. Black-owned barbershops suffered even more. Not due to a bigger drop in revenue but because of issues surrounding the Black Lives Matter Movement. Amid the pandemic, black communities held protests against White supremacy and police brutality. Black barbers were among the ones who did a lot of social lifting to empower their community.

Hence, when this pandemic finally ends and social distancing protocols are no more, it’s important to make your barbershop welcoming to everybody, regardless of color, race, and sexual orientation. And to do that, your barbershop needs a new look. After all, the pandemic has influenced how service businesses will be designed from now on. If you want to stay on top, you should adapt and invest in better health and safety.

Barber Shop Exterior Improvements

Of course, welcoming customers starts from the curb appeal of your barbershop. Remove all the debris that has accumulated outside, and water the plants that have been dehydrated when you couldn’t go out and water them. If you need to buy more vibrant plants, do so. Men may not be a fan of flowers, but they appreciate lush green foliage.

If maintenance issues have begun plaguing the exteriors, address them ASAP. Check the paintwork for peels, chips, cracks, and stains. Test the light fixtures and immediately replace broken ones. Don’t forget the most important exterior feature, the classic red, blue, and white rotating pole. Ensure that it’s still in good working order.

Go up the roof as well; if your barbershop stands on a standalone structure that you own, call expert commercial roof restorers to fix roof leaks or other issues. If you don’t own the building where your barbershop is situated, inform your landlord about roof issues, if there are any. Neglecting noticeable signs of roof damage can cause health and aesthetic issues in your barbershop.

Barber Shop Interior Design Ideas

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Your barber shop’s interior design should reflect your style and the customers you want to attract. If your existing design has served you well, you can keep that, but do some enhancements here and there. Most men may not notice the small improvements, but they’d certainly feel a difference in your barber shop’s overall vibe.

Focus on the essentials before tweaking the decorative features. Observe and test out your hydraulic chairs; are they still comfortable and appealing? If the leather’s already worn out, you can have those restored by an upholsterer. Make sure that the chairs’ height-adjusting functions are still working as well.

If you’d like to rebrand to offer a more customized customer experience, there are many new designs to choose from, depending on your target market. You can also base your new design on the services you focus on. For example, if you specialize in beard grooming, you can consider a rustic-themed design since some men with well-groomed beards possess a hipster style. But if that’s not your niche and you prefer to cater to business professionals, and high-end clients, a more streamlined, contemporary interior design will serve you better.

Whichever new design you pick, wall decor is essential. For a rustic-themed barbershop, a wood-paneled wall is a must. For an industrial-themed one, utilitarian pieces like exposed metals and pipes are a statement. And for chic, high-end designs, anything simple and minimal in style will work best.

Health and Safety Tips

Don’t let your celebratory mood make you drop all the crucial health protocols. Even if we’re now gradually going back to normal, we can’t abandon social distancing and disinfection totally yet. We can’t afford another outbreak and another business closure.

The CDC recommends barbers avoid coming to work if they are sick and limit physical contact with customers. Cutting hair and grooming beards may make social distancing feel impossible, so if that’s the case for you, always wash your hands before serving a customer and wear fresh gloves. Also, don’t forget to disinfect the hydraulic chair before asking your customer to sit.

Wear your mask, and never touch it. Your customers might not be able to keep their masks on for the entirety of the service, so it’s important to keep yours on. And before taking a customer to the washing sinks, ensure that the area has already been disinfected.

With all these health protocols to follow, it’s imperative to enhance your customers’ experience so that they can focus on your service style and shop aesthetics rather than the discomfort of social distancing. Just put up with it for a few more months, and you can help speed up the eradication of COVID-19.

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