Best Security Features for Every Warehouse


Any warehouse or factory requires a thorough security system. It can be a big job in itself to figure out how to improve the safety and security of the warehouse. There are a number of security threats they could face. This includes thefts, natural disasters, accidents, fires and even technological security threats. This is why it’s important to pay attention to it all and make overall changes to your layout or network. Here are some security features that you can add to boost your warehouse’s protection level:

Motion-activated CCTV system

Most warehouses have some form of CCTV coverage, though it is almost never enough. Instead of having closed-circuit cameras in every corner that are on all the time, you can upgrade your system by adding cameras that will be activated once there is movement. This way, you can save on energy costs, as well as storage cost for the constant stream of video. These cameras can also have night vision so that you won’t even have to keep the lights on all the time.

High-speed roller shutter door

Adding a strong high-speed roller shutter door will bring an extra layer of protection to your facility. It will protect you from break-in attempts due to its solid build. You can get an advanced type, which is motorised and remotely controlled. In some doors, there are options to put in keycodes or passwords, or even retina detection. A simple system like this will help you protect your goods against theft and also make it easier to identify the perpetrator if an unfortunate event occurs.

roller shutter door

Advanced perimeter protection technology

Perimeter protection technology can include a wide range of things. If you have a large facility, where there is no obvious fence to keep off intruders, you might utilise this technology. You can put in an alarm system that will remotely notify you on your phone or email as soon as someone walks over those sensors. You can also utilise various noise sensors such as glass break protection, which will pick up on vibrations and noises related to glass shattering. It will then ring out an alarm.

IT security specialists

Last but not least, your warehouse’s overall safety depends heavily on the IT infrastructure that you have in place. You should employ tough encryption systems to prevent your networks from getting hacked into. Your data is also worth a lot, so always prepare and practice for a data breach and have a backup plan in place. If you deal with online payments, make sure that your Wi-Fi network is well protected and cannot be broken into to steal wires or bank transfers.

When it comes to warehouses and large commercial facilities, we often rely only on the most traditional means of protection. But there is advanced technology available that increases the safety of your facility exponentially. Make sure that you are aware of all your options; security lapses can cost your business thousands in losses and lawsuits. If necessary, always contact a professional security management company for their advice and assistance.

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