Big Design Ideas for Small Balconies

Stainless Steel balcony railing

California’s nickname, “The Golden State” has never been more apt than it is today. According to CNBC’s annual list of 10 most expensive states to live in, California is the second most expensive state to live in this year, only preceded by Hawaii. With homeownership being very costly, many choose to rent apartments.

In large, bustling cities like Los Angeles, where property is prime and very expensive, you need to learn how to utilize the space you have. A tiny apartment usually means a tiny balcony, so consider it a part of your real estate and make the most out of it.

With enough planning and forethought, this can become your new favorite place, instead of simply being a graveyard for dead plants or broken outdoor furniture. We have some tips below.

Decide what you’ll be using the space for

Your balcony can have a ton of uses. If you don’t have space for a dining table inside your apartment, your balcony can be a cozy little dining area. If you have a large shelf full of books in your living room, your balcony can become your bright and comfy reading nook.

If you want it to fill more than one role, you should consider putting multifunctional or adjustable pieces that can be easily moved around.

Use proper proportion

In small spaces, the proportion matters. You’ll want to make sure that the pieces of furniture you position on your balcony is appropriately-sized. If you’re short on square footage, you may want to consider slimmer, more compact pieces of furniture. This way, you can add more items instead of placing one bulky piece that takes up all the space.

For example, you can get the most seating out of a narrow balcony by using a long bench with cushions instead of using individual chairs. A bench can seat four to five people and employs the wall space while saving valuable floor area. Storage benches are even better because you can use them to stow small items.

The right outdoor materials matter

Outdoor weather can wreak havoc on your furniture, so choosing the right material is important. Furniture pieces made from aluminum are the most weather-resistant. Plus, they will look good against your balcony railings, whether you have concrete, glass, or wrought iron handrails in your Beverly Hills apartment. If you want a softer, more natural-looking material, resin wicker is called “all-weather wicker” for a reason. It’s a weather-resistant synthetic fiber that’s weaved around metal furniture.

Plants for privacy

balconies painted in orange and yellow colors

An average apartment’s balcony is likely sterile and dreary. One way to spruce yours up, apart from adding comfy furniture, is by adding greenery. Plants can easily beautify outdoor spaces.

Fill window boxes with flowering plants, such as geraniums, petunias, and begonias together with greenery that will cascade over the edge of the boxes like ivy. These will not only save space, since the window boxes will be hanging off of the balcony railings, but they’ll also create a natural barrier.

With your personal style and these tips, you can create a stunning apartment balcony, no matter how small it is.

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