Boredom: Putting a Dose of Challenge in Your Life

Woman yawning

Have you ever felt like your life is just a series of dull days and systematic routines? Well, nowadays, it’s quite normal to feel that way, especially if you have a nine-to-five corporate job that doesn’t offer many surprises every day.

If you notice that the boredom is affecting your productivity and motivation to perform tasks, however, then it’s high time that you do something about it. As humans, we are equipped with high adaptive skills so it’s entirely common to lose interest in our supposedly amazing explorations over time.

This is why it’s best to incorporate new pursuits every now and then to keep our days fresh and exciting. Are you up for that challenge? Here are awesome activities that will surely suck the rigidness out of your life:

Read an intellectually challenging book

Reading can be a form of relaxation, but not when you’re analysing a difficult literary piece. Some classic works can leave you yawning and snoozing. With all the artistic symbolism and elaborate wordings, your mind can be bombarded with too much information.

However, don’t permit your brain’s request for a time out. When you finally manage to get through half of a scholarly book, reading will somehow be easier. Furthermore, a classic piece allows you to be exposed to various cultural references and perspectives without having to leave your home. Not to mention, it’s gratifying and rewarding to finish a challenging book.

We recommend The Canterbury Tales by George Chaucer, Ulysses by James Joyce, War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, Paradise Lost by John Milton, and Moby-Dick by Herman Mellville.

Try out some extreme sports

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, the mention of extreme sports will probably be enough to get your blood pumping. The good news is engaging in these intense activities is actually beneficial to your well-being, as it helps with fear management, enhances the ability to focus, boosts self-esteem, and works the different muscles in your body.

Highlining, sky jumping, wingsuit flying, ice climbing, and creek-boating are good options. If you want to get some travelling done while engaging in an extreme activity, why not join a biking race? Check out the Paris Roubaix Challenge 2020 Sportive, which will entail a 172-kilometre route starting from Busigny and finishing at Roubaix Velodrome. As it’s scheduled on the 11th of April 2020, you still have adequate time to prepare and get in shape.

Learn another language

Learning another language will not just challenge your mind, but it can also be good leverage for career growth. As a plus, being bilingual gives off an impression of sophistication, prestige, and intelligence. Other benefits include an increased attention span, enhanced cognitive abilities, better perceptual sensitivity, and decreased risk of developing dementia.


Woman meditating

You’re probably asking how meditation can be a challenge. Well, it is. All you have to do is keep still, relax, and empty your mind.

Like using chopsticks and twirling a baton, meditation is an act that often looks easier than it really is. Once you try it, you’ll realise that freeing your mind from thoughts is difficult, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Our minds are active and when we’re trying to stay immobile, thoughts naturally develop. Plus, the ironic thing is, when you force yourself to not think, you tend to think more.

Don’t let frustration become a hindrance, though, because meditation offers plenty of health benefits such as reducing stress, controlling anxiety, promoting emotional health, and improving memory.

Life can be boring, but only if you allow it to be. With myriads of activities out there that you can experience and explore, you will never face a shortage of fun and excitement.

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