Carports vs. Garages: Which is the Better Choice?

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If you’re a car owner, you know how much damage constant sun exposure can do to your vehicle. I will cause the paint to gradually fade and peel, and once that paint has oxidised, you’ll see much bigger damage that will definitely cost you a lot more. It might be difficult to spot the full extent of the damage at first. But after a year or so, you’ll see how much your car’s paint has become rough and dull.

But faded paint isn’t the only thing car owners should be worried about when it comes to storing their vehicles outside. A car that’s left outside without any form of protection is susceptible to damages caused by the weather and other elements, such as fallen trees, hail, and salt rust. That’s why it’s highly recommended for many car owners to invest in the protection of their vehicles, as this will slow down the depreciation of their car’s value and will allow it to last longer. It will also allow you to save money on your annual car maintenance.

So, if you want to protect your car, what are the options available for you? The common choices for most residents in Brisbane and other areas in Australia are professionally-built carports and garages. While both are capable of providing defence against damage-causing elements, there are still a few differences that make one better than the other.


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Carports are cost-effective options that allow you to provide your vehicles with a permanent undercover base. Compared to garages, these are smaller and require significantly fewer materials to construct. This is the preferred protection by people who want a quick, easy-to-build structure for their cars.

There are many flexible carport designs to choose from and you can build one just about anywhere in your property, as long as you have enough space available. In addition, it’s easier to get approval from the council to build carports compared to building garages, as they’re not considered ‘livable spaces.’ Due to fewer stringent rules and construction materials needed, you can expect your carport to be built in a few days or even just a few hours.


Garages are fully closed, permanent structures built to house cars. Compared to carports, these offer more protection not just against elements, but theft as well. This option is highly effective if your property is surrounded by many trees or is located close to the ocean.

One of the biggest benefits of building a garage is that it offers protection for your car and provides more storage space. So, if you need more space for your washing machine, second fridge, cleaning supplies, gardening tools, and even seasonal home decorations, then a garage will work perfectly for you. As long as you make smart storage solutions for your garage, it may surprise you how much you’ll be able to make use of it while still having enough space for your vehicle.

Carports and garages have their own set of benefits. It all boils down to your needs. Whichever you choose, be sure to get professional help to ensure your safety and the success of the project.

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