Clever Ways to Turn Your Basement Into an Extra Bedroom

basement room

Don’t we all wish we could live in mansions that have five bedrooms or more to accommodate our guests, relatives, family members, friends, and children who ask for their rooms when they hit their teenage years? Unfortunately, what we have is a dreary, damp, and cold basement where we put most of our junk.

Wait a minute, you can turn this basement into a nice and cosy living space. You just need a bit of money, some dry lining sanding tools, a lot of patience, and just enough skills to convert a once boring-looking basement into a space that even you would want to be roomed in.

Install Good Insulation

The number one complaint that you hear about basements is the cold and dampness. Since a basement is in-ground, you need proper installation to keep the moist and cold away. This step will define how comfortable and cosy your basement could be. It is important to invest in top-notch insulation that might cost a bit extra compared to the one you have in the main rooms. Good insulation will also keep the noise down to a minimum.

Cover the Ceiling or Not

Most basements have exposed pipes and ceiling structure. You can decide to cover the ceiling for a more elegant-looking bedroom, or you can have some of the pipes exposed for that industrial and rustic look. You can save on cost if you want to have an industrial-themed room as opposed to covering the ceiling and creating a bedroom that’s a replica of your room upstairs.

Paint the Walls

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Paint the walls with a primer before finishing it off with the colour you prefer. Since most basements have low ceilings, your bedroom might not have enough vertical space. Choose a lighter shade of natural hues to give an impression of a spacious and airy bedroom. You can also prefer using vertical stripes or chevron designs for the walls because they also give an illusion of having more vertical space.

Install Lighting Fixtures

If there’s a little space that can allow for a small window, cut that wall out and let a bit of natural light come in. This is important for the overall feel of the space. Call an electrician if you are not a certified one. You don’t want to do the electrical wiring yourself because it can cause damage and a fire to your house.

Decide on the Flooring

You also have to choose the right flooring for your basement bedroom. You can let the floors be and just use the bare cement as your bedroom floor. You can use some throw rugs to cover the space. You can also install wood panels, concrete tiles, carpets, and carpet tiles.

Consider Safety

Local building codes will require your basement to have an escape route in case of a fire or other natural calamities. You can install an egress window or a large upper window that will fit at least one person. Even if your local building codes do not specify the type of escape route your basement should have, plan one for your safety.

Your basement should not only be the place where you throw away an old and used sofa. It can be turned into an actual liveable space for your children or your guests. It’s all in the planning and the execution.

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