Decorating Themes to Try This Christmas

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Traveling for the holiday season is one of the long-standing traditions that most families have. We’re much like the McCallister family in Home Alone, always scrambling to get to the airport to make it to our destination of choice amid the holiday rush hour. The only difference is that we don’t forget about one of our children.

But the COVID-19 pandemic has changed things. Not only are we cautious, to say the least, about traveling, we’re also restricted from it. This is why Travelocity found that only 60 percent of Americans decided that they won’t be traveling at all this year.

Since we’re staying at home this year, we might as well embrace the holiday spirit by going all out with the decorations. Here are some Christmas themes that you can try out. Some of them are a bit loud and outrageous. Some are warm and cozy. But they’re all going to make your home ready for the bustling holiday season.

Vibrant and Neon Christmas

The best part about Christmas is that you can do whatever you want with it. So if you’re into bright lights and pops of color, this theme may be the best for you. In terms of lighting, this is your chance to purchase some LED strip lights that flash out the brightest blues, pinks, and greens. These lights are perfect for the outside of your house. Bring your house to life with just a press on your LED strip controller. They’re sure to catch the attention of your neighbors and other passersby.

You can also opt for multicolored garlands that you can hang up on your walls or wrap around your staircase’s handrails inside the house. As for your tree, be sure to adorn it with brightly colored ornaments. Magenta looks particularly well with the forest green color of the leaves.

Rustic Christmas

If your home already has traditional decor, then Christmas decorations with a rustic decor would be the best for you. This theme plays around with the mix of wood accents, warm and earthy colors, and brass hints.

It has a lot of traditional elements to it as well. You can use natural fir wreaths that you can hang on your door or around the house. You can also have some plaid prints around with ribbons, rugs, and blankets draped over cushions. But you can break the warm and toned-down colors by incorporating some red berry branches as decorations. They can be ornaments on the tree. They can also be gathered in a vase and act as a centerpiece on your coffee table or dining table.

What’s great about this theme is that it’s cozy and inviting. It’s the perfect theme if you imagine your family sitting by the fire, sipping hot chocolates, and opening presents on Christmas morning.

family setting christmas tree

DIY Christmas Made from Sustainable Materials

This is an especially popular trend this year. Many people are becoming more inclined to a sustainable lifestyle. They tend to be more cautious about what they buy and what they recycle. For many of them, Christmas decorations are hardly necessary, so they tend to opt-out of it. But, just because you’re more conscious of your waste, that doesn’t mean you can’t instill some Christmas spirit into your home.

In fact, having DIY holiday projects could be a way for you to bond with your family. You can create your own tree ornaments made of odd materials such as plastic bottles and newspaper–things that you would normally throw out without a second thought. You can also upcycle some things at home. Maybe you can use old scraps of cloth to create the Christmas socks you would hand by the mantle. The possibilities are endless.

Candyland Christmas

This may be the most surprising theme that you can try. If you’re into pastel colors and designs rooted in childlike wonder, then a Candyland Christmas is perfect for you. It’s time for you to be playful with fun colors and treats such as cupcakes, marshmallows, and cookies.

This theme may also call for your DIY skills. If you want, you can decorate your tree with peppermint candy lollipops. All you’ll need are paint, a foam disk with a size of your preference, and a stick. These would surely catch the eye of your children.

Embracing the spirit of Christmas is done by putting together an elaborate meal for dinner. It’s also done in the shopping for and wrapping gifts.

It’s also done in the decorating of your house. This could be your opportunity to be creative and playful with your family. To stay positive despite the challenges that the pandemic brought, all you’ll need are the perfect decorations to complete this year’s holiday season.

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