Doors and Door Systems: How Much Do Yours Offer You?

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The trend of indoor-outdoor living has seen many homeowners embrace sliding glass door systems. This type of door acts as a partition between the indoor space and the extended outdoor space while allowing a smooth transition between the two areas.

The sliding mechanism of sliding doors is not only convenient, as it also saves a lot of space. The door opens and closes in a horizontal manner instead of the arc that hinged doors make. Even with all these reasons, some homeowners still prefer traditional hinged doors. But, then have you considered the following?

These doors do not allow for privacy

These doors are mostly transparent glass, which is see-through, so some people believe that they may not enjoy privacy. Clear glass, however, allows for light penetration and gives the illusion of a much bigger space.

You can choose other types of glass. For example, there is obscured glass with a tint that minimises the effect of harsh sunlight and gives privacy. Your privacy requirements will dictate the type of glass you can use for your door.

The doors are energy inefficient

High energy costs cause many homeowners to be cautious about the energy-efficient characteristics of doors and windows. The energy efficiency of any door depends on its quality, build, and material.

Glass doors made of a single panel allow heat transfer and can cause heat gain or heat loss. However, dual panels ensure that the door is energy-efficient. These allow for the installation of insulation properties to further cut on the energy bills.

Door size limitation

Unlike hinged door systems, sliding doors offer a great advantage in terms of the size you can install at home. The sliding door’s frame has an ample space where you can install the rollers and bear the entire weight of a door.

Upon opening the door, one side of the door tucks on the other side of the door. There is no limitation to the size of the door you can install.

These door systems are insecure

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As much as doors provide a gateway to the home’s occupants, burglars and other unwanted people may gain entry using the same door. Therefore, the security that a door can offer to a house becomes a huge concern.

The assumption that sliding doors are not secure because the large section of the door is glass and is exposed are not completely true. The glass used in doors is robust and sturdy. Therefore, it cannot crack easily even when hitting with a heavy object. You can further improve the security of your door system by getting door accessories such as intelligent lock systems.

As a homeowner, it is crucial to understand the whys of making investments to make your home more secure. Free yourself from the preconceptions of using traditional hinged doors.

The above-mentioned are only a few reasons door specialists recommend sliding glass doors. You’ll appreciate the value of these door systems once you already have them in your home and are giving you benefits you didn’t expect.

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