Encouraging Kids to Enjoy Mealtime


Family time means spending time eating and enjoying food together. Mod-Sin restaurants offer a wide variety of comfort food that everyone will love. They are also where you can celebrate special milestones while enjoying timeless Singaporean cuisine. You can bring everyone, even your little kids.

Speaking of little kids, if only they would stay babies forever. Their cooing, innocent and toothless smiles, and baby breath – who can resist these traits? Later on, you would look forward to feeding your infant mashed vegetables and puree. Never mind that your baby makes a mess, as long as you see your child trying different kinds of food.

When kids reach toddler hood, mealtime becomes a lot of parents’ worst nightmare. Mealtime can be a battlefield. Your toddler starts to shove vegetable dishes away and prefer fried chicken instead. You might blame yourself for why they end up being picky eaters.

Why kids tend to be picky eaters

There are varying reasons why kids can be their parents’ worst nightmares when it comes to mealtime. Since the 1990s, researchers conducted various studies related to this topic. The findings reveal that being picky eaters are due to several factors. For one, parents tend to be controlling over what their kids eat, which makes the latter dread mealtime.

Another reason is what children see in and out of their homes. They tend to imitate what their parents usually eat as well as what their peers eat. Some kids might not like the food being prepared at home and instead prefer food outside the home. Most likely, this food might not be as nutritious as home-cooked meals.

However, experts also say that being a picky eater is normal in young children. That is why parents should not scold their children when they do not eat well as it won’t lead to positive results. It is also important to note that kids will eventually grow out of their picky-eating habits.

Encouraging good eating habits

Doctor holding foods

Still, it is best to promote good eating habits while your kids are still young. It is a great way to taste different dishes and avoid nutrient deficiencies. Here are other ways to encourage your child to enjoy mealtime:

1. Be a good example.

You are your child’s ultimate role model, so make the most out of it. Show them that you enjoy nutritious food. Who knows if they become a future foodie?

2. Eat with them.

Make mealtime your bonding time. Sit and eat with them, ask them about school, and even let them critique your family meal of the day. Perhaps you can get an idea or two for your next meal.

3. Don’t stress yourself.

Never pressure your kids to finish their food or to eat celery sticks. They might not like some foods at first, but they eventually will. Consistency is the key, and just let them explore their food and encourage healthy eating.

Mealtime can indeed be challenging, especially for those with toddlers. It can be tempting to lose your cool, but please don’t. Remember, you might have been in their shoes when you were younger. Thus, just let your kids eat at their own pace and explore food on their own – with your loving guidance, of course.

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