Engagement Rings vs. Wedding Rings: Do You Need Both?

Engagement ring set

So, you and your partner have been together for years and he has finally popped the question – and you said yes! What makes it even more special is that perfect engagement ring he chose. But you may be wondering what exactly is the difference between the two types of ring. Do white gold wedding rings for women need to match the accompanying engagement rings? Here’s what wedding experts have to say:

The Rings: Understanding the Differences

For traditional engagement rings, it’s common to have just one dominant stone, which may be surrounded by smaller stones or just stand on it own as the statement piece. These types of rings are presented as parts of the proposal. In other cases, they’re given at an early stage of the engagement. Wedding rings, on the other hand, are usually simple metal bands or eternity bands that have diamonds everywhere that brides and grooms get on the actual wedding ceremony. This is what they have to wear for the rest of the marriage.

Another major difference is that even wedding rings with stones weigh less than the engagement rings. This is because engagement rings are more expensive than wedding rings. These, of course, are the traditional practices, which you and your fiance don’t always have to follow. Now, brides have a bigger role when it comes to designing the rings, and many of them choose to break from the tradition. People are now more willing to explore other options, and getting wedding bands becomes a much more important process.

Flaunt ‘Em: Ways to Wear Your Engagement and Wedding Rings

Putting an engagement ringAccording to tradition, both your engagement and wedding rings should be stacked on the fourth finger on your left hand. Brides typically wear the band inside the engagement rings for one specific reason – it’s closer to her heart. Sounds pretty romantic, right? Others, however, prefer putting their engagement ring on the left hand and their wedding band on the right. This is especially common for people with mismatched rings that can’t be stacked together in a flattering way.

When Two Become One: Are Both Rings Essential?

With all the guidelines available when it comes to wearing engagement and wedding rings, it all boils down to personal preferences. If you’re a stickler for traditions, then, by all means, rock them both. Having properly stacked engagement and wedding rings is a timeless, classic look that everyone will surely approve of.

Of course, rings already look luxurious and amazing on their own. So, many people choose to have a single ring instead of two. This is because it’s a more practical option compared to the stacked combination of bands and engagement rings. In addition, having only one means you won’t have to worry about losing both, which can be quite relieving. Finally, a single standout piece of ring can be a bigger investment.

In the end, there really is no correct or incorrect answer when it comes to engagement and wedding ring choice, design, and how to wear them. It’s all up to you.

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