Fishing Pants: What Are Your Options?

blue sea offshore fishing boat with fisherman holding rod in action

Very few anglers will pay a second thought to the kind of clothing they wear for their fishing trips. They assume that all the clothing they need is anything they feel comfortable in. Although comfort is essential for your fishing trip, the right clothing will also ensure that you are safe and that your trip is a success. Footwear, shirts, sunglasses, hats, and pants are some of the components that should make up part of your clothing when going fishing.

Thankfully, you need not walk from one fishing gear store in Michigan to the next looking for your fishing clothing. You can now get all your fishing clothing and equipment from one store. Among the essential elements for all salt and freshwater fishing, regardless of the type of fish that you want to catch is the right pair of pants. Here are the options that you have when choosing pants for a fishing trip:

Quick Dry Pants

These are your best choice if you are aiming for a day on a freshwater lake catching largemouth bass or on an inshore flatboat sight-casting for redfish. Quick dry fishing pants are available in convertible and versatile technical styles. They are made of lightweight and breathable fabrics such as nylon which keep you cool in warm weather and wick perspiration and moisture from your skin, leaving your comfortable. The fabrics will also allow the moisture on these pants to evaporate quickly and leave you comfortable and dry.

Wader Pants

These are generally used for fly fishing when looking for smallmouth bass or trout in freshwater rivers, creeks, and streams. You can also use them for saltwater fishing in cold weather. Wader pants are made of neoprene, which keeps you warm, although currently, some manufacturers use breathable fabrics for summer fishing pants. There are hip waders that suffice for fishing in cold and deep waters and those for fishing in shallow creeks. Wader pants, on the other hand, are suitable when you go fishing in waist-high water.

Mature man fishing from the boat on the pond at sunset

Offshore Fishing Pants

These are used for fishing big game such as marlin or tuna in deep offshore water. They are designed to keep an angler dry in the deepest and toughest points of the sea even in foul weather conditions. Offshore fishing pants are made of windproof and waterproof fabric, and they also include a moisture-wicking layer on the interior. The pants also feature taped or tightly sealed seams to keep a wearer warm and guarantee their durability.

Ice Fishing Pants

The wrong type of clothing for ice fishing will leave you at considerable risk of hypothermia. The right pair of ice fishing pants will not only keep you warm but will also provide a little floatation protection in case you fall through the ice. Some people opt for snowmobiling or skiing pants for their ice fishing trips, but these will not give you as optimal protection as insulated ice fishing pants.

Regardless of your choice for fishing pants from the above options, you should look for three primary characteristics when buying them. These include reliable waterproofing, comfort, and strong seams to withstand rigorous activity. With these features, the fishing pants are guaranteed to meet your needs.

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