Five Best Dishes to Describe Italy

red sauce pasta with tomato slices

Italy holds some of the most beautiful infrastructures from around the world. It is also the place where the Renaissance originated, which gave birth to the philosophy of humanism. Although the site itself is rich in history and culture, not everyone can afford to travel thousands of miles to visit the country.

Fortunately, there is a way to discover their culture without boarding a plane. Aside from the infamous Italian Renaissance, the country is also famous for its cookery. Their dishes are so favored by many that you can find it anywhere you go.

So before you give up on your dreams of visiting the country, here are a few of the most famous Italian dishes that will undoubtedly help you discover their culture through your palate.

Caprese Salad with Pesto Sauce

The best way to start your food trip is with a fresh serving of Caprese salad with pesto sauce. It has an excellent antipasto bite to it that will certainly prepare your taste palate for what is ahead. This fresh salad has tomatoes and mozzarella cheese with pesto sauce on top.

Fiorentina Steak

If you are looking for a substantial mouth-watering meal, then the Fiorentina steak is for you. It is a T-bone steak that is at least 5 centimeters thick. The meat comes from a Chianina cow, which is only available in Tuscany. It commonly takes at least 5 to 7 minutes to cook on each side.

This steak dish comes in many variants. Most of its varieties differ in the meat that they use. Most Florentines are now okay with other breeds but still prefer the Chianina if it is possible.


pizza with other italian meals

You will never look at pizza the same way again once you have a taste of the authentic one made in Italy. Although it is simply a slab of flatbread served with oil and various spices, it is probably the best representation of the country.

Not only is it cheap, but the recipe is quite flexible, too. So, if you are planning to start your pizza restaurant, then you might want to start searching for wholesale cheese suppliers in your area.


Risotto is another famous dish that you can find in Italy. It has rice mixed with stock and then stirred until it forms a semi-soup. The most popular type of this dish is risotto ala Milanese, which is said to have originated while workers were building the Milan Cathedral by using saffron to their rice.


You will never know what an authentic carbonara is until you taste the original Italian recipe. The dish is entirely pure and natural to do. All you need is spaghetti, pecorino cheese, eggs, black pepper and cured guanciale. The best way to know the best carbonara is through a recommendation from a local.

These are only a few dishes that you can try to have a taste of Italy. Other meals are still waiting for you to explore. All you need to do is to make one for your own or find a restaurant that serves authentic Italian dishes.

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