Fun Activities That Modern Men Should Give a Try

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Modern men are becoming more progressive and open-minded due to the recent shift in attitudes that allowed more people to break free from the norm and gender stereotypes. Recently, more men enjoy activities that were previously thought of as something effeminate or not masculine enough. As more men embrace these changes, it’s time to expand your list of activities that you can do in between your work, socializing time, and doing other stuff.

The Modern Men’s Guide For Modern Activities

Now that you’re ready to embrace your feminine side, you will no longer be limited by the activities that society assigns as something men should enjoy. It’s time for you to experiment with these activities, which will allow you to experience other things that society previously labeled as not masculine enough. Here are some of them:

1. You Should Renovate Your Home

Most men are stereotyped to live in not-so-aesthetic houses as society has deemed interior designing and home renovation as effeminate activities. But, as mentioned, these medieval beliefs will soon be a thing of the past as a 2017 survey revealed that 87% of their male respondents are becoming increasingly interesting in activities that would let them revamp their spaces. Your house is an extension of your personality and a safe space where you can be yourself, so you have to invest time and money in making it the best spot in the world. So, give home renovation a try soon.

2. You Can Grow a Garden

While gardening used to be a hobby that not many people were into, the COVID-19 pandemic changed that, as gardening has been a booming trend since 2020. Fortunately, if you’ve only recently thought of joining the gardening club, you will not be left out by this trend, as 86% of the respondents in a 2020 survey said they would continue growing their garden. So it’s probably time for you to add “plant dad” to your résumé and start living a green life.

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3. You Should Live a More Sustainable Life

Regarding gender stereotypes, recycling and doing eco-friendly activities also belonged on the list of activities that society deemed feminine. It’s as if saving the environment for a chance at a better future is only a work that should be done by women to be enjoyed by men. It’s a wrong and backward way of thinking that society has perpetuated into mainstream culture. But you have a chance to reverse this by participating in eco-friendly activities.

Fortunately, there are tons of options for any person who would want to help the world become more sustainable. You can do the three Rs or recycle, reuse, and reduce consumption. You could also join some community organizations that do beach cleanup drives.

Another way to live a sustainable life is to start decluttering your home and donating functional but no-longer-used furniture, appliances, and other household equipment to charities. The good thing about these charitable donations is that you can write them off your taxes. Anything written off your taxes is beneficial, especially if your business is still struggling from the economic troubles a global pandemic brought. However, you’ll need to reach out to tax relief services just to make sure. It will benefit you and the future generation if you do your part in living a more sustainable life.

4. You Have to Let the Adventurer in You Take Over

Life is short to spend every day going to work and playing video games on weekends when the world is big, and there are too many places for you to explore. These places also offer different kinds of activities that should be on your bucket list, like traveling, camping, learning a new language through cultural immersion. If you want to be extra adventurous, you can even do some extreme sports like bungee jumping, skydiving, cliff diving, and more.

Going out and being in nature has tons of mental and physical health benefits that will let you grow as a person. While working out at the gym would be nice, getting out of your comfort zone to gain new experiences is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you should seize while you’re still young.

5. You Should Discover a New Hobby

While gardening, traveling, and learning a new language are cool new hobbies already mentioned, there is a long list of other hobbies out there you should tap into. It would be a plus if these hobbies you take up would allow you to connect with your feminine side. Learning ballet, writing poetry, crocheting, cooking, hairstyling, etc., are just some hobbies that the world needs to see more men doing. They are not gendered activities; they are for everyone.

It’s time for this generation of open-minded and progressive men to break the mold and change the norms that have boxed genders in age-old stereotypes. You can help make the change the world needs one fun activity at a time.

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