Gastronomic Travels: Why is Vancouver a Hot Destination for Foodies?

Skyline of Vancouver

Gastronomy tourism is taking off. The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) says tourists dedicate over a third of their budget to food. Because local food isn’t just about getting your fill with delectable meals; it’s also about gaining insight into the culture and the people of the place you’re visiting.

And one of the more delightful places to visit for its cuisine is Vancouver.

A Land with Variety of Cuisines

Vancouver’s culinary scene is famous for its diversity. This multicultural city offers an abundance of options, from a restaurant with New York-style pizzas to a food cart serving Japanese-inspired hotdogs.  But Vancouver, much like other international city, has a main food product.

Seafood is the city’s pride and joy. They produce high-quality seafood, including mussels, oysters, Dungeness crabs, and wild salmon, among others. Expect local restaurants to incorporate seafood varieties from different cuisines. They also use home-grown ingredients, such as herbs, cauliflower, and radishes, among others.

Vancouver also practices sustainability. Vancouverites not only care what’s in their meal, but they also care about the source of the ingredients. Local restaurants often list the farms, fisheries, dairies, and butchers responsible for producing the ingredients they use on their menus.

Food and Drinks to Try in Vancouver

Canada skyline in midday

More rA variety of restaurants, food trucks, and microbreweries are emerging in Vancouver, attracting more foodie travelers. As a foremost culinary destination in the world, the city offers overwhelming choices of food that suit any foodie, from carnivores to vegans.

Here are five things you shouldn’t miss out during your gastronomic trip to Vancouver:

  • Seafood – the city is the home to fresh seafood. Look for the Ocean Wise logo when buying seafood to show support for the sustainable seafood program.
  • Candied Salmon – make sure to grab this Canadian specialty while you’re in the city. The maple syrup balances out the saltiness of smoked salmon, so even non-fish lover would enjoy it.
  • Granville Island Market – make a trip to this place for a wide selection of fine food, including baked goods, cheeses, pizza, smoked salmon, and sweet treats, among others. Come here early to have more time to eat, shop, and visit handicraft shops and galleries.
  • Asian Cuisine – the city offers excellent Asian cuisine because more than 40 percent of its residents are of Asian heritage. You can find dishes originated from various Asian countries, such as Vietnam, Cambodia, South Korea, and Japan to name a few.
  • Craft Beers – complete your trip by swigging some of the best Vancouver craft beers. Several breweries offer more than 100 local and international beers on their menu,  so you can find something you like.

Research the top places that offer the finest taste in Vancouver. Read reviews and recommendations from other foodie travelers to get more ideas about where to go during your trip. Bring extra money in case you discover hole in the wall places that aren’t on your list. Gastronomic travels are an excellent way to experience the culture of the city.

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