Home Improvement Must-knows for Millennial Homeowners

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More millennials are now buying and owning houses. As they dominate the housing market, more are into improving their homes. This is since they have a different approach when buying and improving houses.

For one, most millennials would rather buy smaller houses than buy what baby boomers are selling. Before, most homebuyers want larger homes with more rooms. But for this day’s largest consumer group, their tight finances is what prompts them to buy small. This is also one of the reasons why some millennials are buying tiny houses.

Gen-Yers also have a different approach when it comes to home improvement. Instead of convenience and luxury, millennials are into value, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. If you are a millennial homeowner looking forward to improving your home this year, then you will find the following tips to be of great value.

Start with the necessary projects first

According to a recent survey, 67% of millennials would buy a fixer-upper. Such houses require major repairs. It only makes sense to start improving your home by tackling urgent projects if you bought a fixer-upper. This is to ensure your home is in great shape and poses no threat to your safety.

When improving a fixer-upper, consider your budget. There is no point in trying to start all renovations at once if you have a limited budget to work on. Start with the safety hazards first and hire the pros if you must. Consider your needs and tackle home maintenance and repairs that require your much-needed attention first.

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Choose your battle wisely

Millennials would rather do DIYs than hire contractors when improve their homes. They pride themselves on being capable and creative and are often seen posting before and after photos of their DIY home improvement projects. But if one is not careful in choosing home improvements, one can end up having to pay more than necessary.

This s why it is crucial to choose your battle wisely. Don’t simply decide to DIY just because it costs less to do it yourself than to hire a contractor. Remember that you are paying contractors money for their skills and expertise. For instance, you plan on using metallic epoxy resin to make your floors shine and make them easier to maintain. Know that such a task is easier achieved if you let a pro handle the project for you.

Think about your needs, comfort, and convenience, too

Millennials are improving their homes with increasing home value in mind. But for many Gen-Yers, they are tackling home improvements for the sake of the ‘gram. This can mean choosing projects that do look good in pictures and can increase home value but do not necessarily improve their quality of life.

It is also important that you consider your needs as the homeowner. Invest in projects that you will need, want, and enjoy. For instance, you plan on working remotely soon. Studies show that 69% of millennials want to work remotely. Instead of investing in a new deck or building a bigger kitchen, you are better off investing your hard-earned money in building a home office to accommodate telecommuting in the future.

Millennial homeowners have a lot to learn when it comes to improving their homes. They have their fair share of challenges, but they are quick to learn from their mistakes. If you plan on improving your home soon, then you can always use this list as a simple guide to having lesser regrets. Prioritize necessary repairs first, choose your DIY battles, and don’t forget to consider your needs when improving your home.

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