Home Interior: All About Embracing a Minimalist Home

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Our home is our haven. But coming to your “haven” after a long and busy day, finding it chaotic, would not give you your needed peace. Instead, the piles of laundry, unwashed dishes, and clutter would leave you more stressed and irritated than ever.

According to research, the architectural environment has an impact on how our brains function. Over recent years, architects and interior designers have emphasised designing homes that promote mental and emotional well-being.

In this fast-paced and busy world, we all deserve to come home to a place that is clutter-free and neat after a long day of hard work. The most viable solution to this dilemma is to adopt a minimalist home design espoused by various modern architectural firms, like Ackworth House.

Apart from promoting a healthier mind and boosting our mood, there are several benefits of embracing a minimalist home. Not only will it save you from tedious regular cleaning, but it is also stylish and hip. Here are five top advantages of having a minimalist home.

Benefits of a Minimalist Home


One key feature of a minimalist home is spaciousness. Open floor plan between the kitchen and the living area is embraced to allow natural light to make the entire room seem wider and relaxed. Younger homebuyers also prefer houses with open floor designs as it makes socialising with friends and family easier.

Low Maintenance

The elements of minimalist home interior design are not limited to walls and ceilings. It also includes appliances, doors, cabinets, tables, and centerpieces. Opt for designs that have clean trim details. Also, too many knickknacks on our furniture only collect dust and invite mites, making cleaning more difficult.

Relaxing on the Eyes and Brain

Although loud colours, playful patterns, and creative details could easily catch our attention, too much of these stimuli only stress our minds. But with symmetry, light neutral colours, and tidy surroundings, our minds are more relaxed, and we tend to be happier.


Cost-efficient does not mean low-quality materials. The beauty of a minimalist home design is that it is more affordable. If you need to do some renovation in the future, the cost is lesser since there are fewer design elements. You also save on utilities since you have less furniture blocking your HVAC system.

Luxurious Look

Less is more. That is the fundamental concept of minimalism. By embracing minimalism in your home interior, you help make your home appear more sophisticated. With just a piece of beautiful furniture or a nice looking artwork, you can transform every single room in your house into a masterpiece.

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How to Embrace a Minimalist Home

One at a Time

It can be difficult to simplify your entire home all at once unless you are moving into a new place. To avoid getting overwhelmed, focus on one room at a time. You can even get inspiration on how to decorate the next room.

Start with Furniture

Furniture generally eats up an entire room. Remember that the key in minimalism is to have fewer pieces of furniture as much as possible. But in selecting furniture pieces, do not sacrifice your comfort and convenience.

Stick Only with Essentials

Keep in mind that if you want to achieve a minimalist look in your house, you need to strip every room down to its essentials. Perhaps one or two art pieces could add accent to a room, but more than that is too much.

Clear Out the Floor

Other than your furniture, the floors in your house should be entirely cleared of any clutter. Either donate, throw away, or store someplace else items that are piling on your floor. You may opt to put a rug to add an accent to the room.

Clear Surfaces

The same thing with your floor, all flat surfaces should be free from any clutter. As much as possible, leave those spaces empty except for one or two decorations. Having a lot of ornaments would defeat your goal of a minimalist look.

Clear Your Walls

It might be tempting to hang photos, stitch works, and all kinds of things on your wall. However, doing so is not in line with the minimalist concept. Same with your surfaces, clear your wall except for one or two hanging decorations.

Keep Stuff Out of Sight

In selecting pieces of furniture, opt for those that allow you to store things inside. A good example is ottoman chairs that have storage space. You may use bookshelves to store books and other items, but no more decoration other than that.

Select Neutral Hues

A splash of bright and loud colours is okay. But for the rest of the room, leave it on subtle hues. Select paint that does not strain the eyes, like shades of green, brown, blue, and tan.

By embracing a minimalist home design, you help yourself achieve an overall happier and more relaxed existence. Though it is not easy to redecorate your existing home in a minimalist way, you can eventually transform your home into this innovative abode with patience and hard work.

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