Improving Your Home with Solar Lights

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With all the recent talk about solar light, it isn’t easy to imagine how such a groundbreaking invention can improve your home. This article will discuss all the different types of solar lights and how you can apply their design and functionality in your home.

Different Types of Solar Lights

In redesigning your home using solar lights, you actually have plenty of options to choose from. Solar lights are now utilized in different settings, and you can definitely find one that fits your backyard or your garden’s ambiance. Here are some of the types that might help you decide.


Aside from functionality, solar lights can also be used for decorative purposes. There are plenty of styles to choose from, but you have to keep in mind that decorative solar lights are compact. Therefore, they do not provide a brighter illumination as compared to their larger counterparts. Some people have an alternative lighting system when using decorative solar lights to ensure that the place is still properly illuminated.


Building upon what we mentioned earlier about solar lights being able to accommodate your place’s atmosphere, one type of solar light is built on a rock. Yes, you can actually see some of the rocks in your garden or yard illuminate and make your solar lights less obvious. This will guarantee that the solar lights do not ruin the overall appearance of your décor as they seem to be hidden. You can also use this type of solar light to illuminate your stone plaques that show your address to ensure that it blends with your home’s aesthetics.


This type of solar light is one of the larger varieties of this invention. Instead of installing lights on your path, you can use this type of solar light to be the path itself.

On the other hand, another variety of step solar lights come at a ninety-degree angle that allows you to install them on the side of the fence to illuminate the walkway.


Solar lights are not just privately used for decoration or for beautifying your yard. Some solar lights, like the floodlight, are used for emergency purposes.

This type of solar light requires a stronger energy source because it needs to illuminate brighter and has more LED lights inside. This means that the solar panel is also generally larger.


Solar Lights Proper Installation

Installing solar lights is relatively easy because you don’t have to worry about where you’re going to run an entire electric circuit system. Once you’ve chosen the solar lights you prefer to use, here are some steps you need to take note of.

Make Sure it’s LED

As mentioned earlier, even though solar lights have their own power source, this isn’t as strong as having an electric circuit connected to your home’s power supply. That’s why you must check the details of the solar light and make sure it’s LED. This will allow you to maximize the potential of solar energy stored in the batteries.

Foundation Stake

If you plan to use solar lights in standing fixtures, you can consider planting a foundation stake onto the ground and use a pole where you can place the solar light on top. Since you don’t have to worry about electrical wirings, this would be rather easy. All you need to do is make sure the poles are evenly spaced and firmly planted on the ground.

Proper Positioning Means Optimal Power

Although solar panels can usually gather solar energy even when they aren’t hit directly by sunlight, it still makes a difference. Positioning the solar panel to get the most sunlight guarantees a brighter illumination and possibly a longer timespan of lighting up. Make sure that you also put shadows of trees or your house into consideration.

Remote Solar Panel Option

You want to make sure that the solar panels are under sunlight for a maximum of eight hours to light up for the entire night. However, some parts of our backyard or garden don’t get enough sunlight.

For instances such as this, you always have the option of using a remote solar panel. You can place it on top of your roof and run a cable wire that connects to the battery and the solar light fixture.

As we take steps towards the future, we must ensure that the environment we live in is still as healthy as when we first got here. That’s why we should not waste energy when decorating or improving our homes. One way to do that is to use solar lights to illuminate our surroundings. Just make sure that you know what type you need and how to install them properly.

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