Homebound: Workout Routines Anyone Can Do at Home

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Most of the world has stayed home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While staying indoors limits most of what can people do, many men and women still try to find ways to keep up with their fitness routines. Many people often want to build muscle mass while keeping their midsection trim. Staying indoors might be challenging, but you can still work out at home.

Each person’s healthcare needs are unique. But even a simple stay-at-home workout can still keep your body in tip-top shape. With that in mind, here are a few workout routines you can do at home:

Home Workout Routines You Can Do

Many people focus on getting their bodies in shape. Finding the proper workout routine at home is even more challenging. In this case, here are some sample routines to keep your body in shape at home:

Jumping Jacks

This exercise is an excellent example of a full-body workout. You can do it anywhere and with no equipment needed. Aside from that, it offers various benefits, including the following:

  • A stronger heart
  • Builds stronger muscles
  • Weight loss
  • Builds stronger bones
  • Boosts mood
  • Relieves stress

Doing jumping jacks benefits your health because of combining cardiovascular exercise with strength work. But you have to do it in proper form and a safe place, such as on a flat surface.


Doing planks will help you develop your core strength, shoulders, and arms. In this case, the longer you hold a plank, the stronger your lower back can be. Aside from that, your abs will also look better. Planks can also improve your breathing as well as your focus and concentration.

Cross Crunches

Cross crunches might be a tad above beginner, but this ab exercise works more than your abdomen. It also targets the external and internal obliques. While cross crunches do not burn calories, it focuses on increasing strength and core muscle stamina.

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Side Plank

A side plank is an easy exercise to improve the obliques. The obliques are the two layers of muscle along the sides of the core. Aside from that, doing side planks can strengthen your muscles, thighs, and other muscle groups. In effect, the spine and the lower back will have better support.


Squatting is an exercise that can also provide a full-body workout. It helps strengthen the leg muscles, core, and back. Aside from that, it can help you lose fat. You can also do it in many variations, such as a basic squat, side squat, sumo squat, or wall squat.


This exercise helps increase your muscle mass. In effect, you can build strength and tone your body. Keep in mind that this exercise is unilateral, which means you work out one leg at a time. Lunges are excellent exercises for your overall health and athletic performance.


There is no limit to how much anyone can perform push-ups. Aside from that, doing daily push-ups builds the upper body’s muscle tone and strength. However, you have to do it with utmost care as it can cause lower back pain, wrist pain, or elbow injury.

High Knees

This exercise offers various benefits. That includes improved endurance, burns calories, improved coordination, and strengthens abdominal muscles. Moreover, high knees exercise is an excellent warm-up routine. In effect, the pump of the heart increases and prepares the legs for other workout routines.


Yoga is suitable for everyone. It can help get rid of stress and improve flexibility. Aside from that, yoga can also improve breathing and helps you get better sleep. Yoga is an excellent activity to enhance physical and mental aspects, such as increased strength and improved overall well-being.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is also another cardio exercise everyone can do. It can elevate your heart and breathing rate. However, you have to use the right length of rope for this activity. A short rope might be unsafe to use because you can trip on it while jumping.

Household Chores

Apart from all the exercises mentioned before, house chores can also help you stay fit and healthy. You can vacuum the floor, but for more complex tasks like cleaning your carpet, you’ll be better off if you hire carpet cleaning professionals. Other tasks such as gardening, cleaning the garage, or washing the car by hand can burn those extra fats.

Despite staying at home, working out is still possible. Everyone needs to stay in shape, especially in these trying times. As such, everyone should keep working out at home to stay fit and healthy. While these are simple exercises, they can make a difference in your body. Aside from that, regular physical activity helps you achieve a healthier body weight and reduces the risk of various illnesses.

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