How to Communicate and Work With a Wedding Planner

Couple consulting a wedding planner

Planning your wedding takes a lot of work, especially when you have so many other things on your plate. There are lots of stuff to think about, including finding the perfect venue for both the wedding and the reception, arranging the decor, getting catering services, and looking for a hair and makeup artist.

That is why hiring a wedding planner in Vail should be in your books, more so if you know you could not handle everything by yourself. Make sure to keep the following things in mind so that you will be able to communicate with your wedding planner properly.

Tell Your Story

Sit down with your wedding planner and tell them your story. Share how you and your partner got engaged and what your common grounds are. Tell them the story of how you met, and just basically anything that you think they can use for the good of your big day.

These types of information can be used for the ceremonies, the decor, and everything else to make your wedding day a great and unforgettable one.

Give Details

Young couple talking to a wedding organizerCommunication is very important when it comes to planning a wedding. You must voice out every opinion and wish that you have in mind. Take note that the more information that they have about you and the event, the more precise your wishes will be brought to life.

Let them know about the details that you want to include in your wedding and reception as well, and ask them about the suggestions that they have for you. It is not only you who have to do all the talking; you also need to ask your wedding planner about what they think is the best for your special day.

Ask All of Your Questions

Ask them all the questions that you have in mind. Make a list so that you can just lay it all out once you get to talk to them. Inquire about the vendors and suppliers that they are planning to hire and the services they have on their own list. You should also get their contact details upfront and ask them how they are planning to communicate with you.

List Down Your Priorities

Make a list of your top main priorities for your wedding and talk to your wedding planner about this. This is especially important if you are following a strict and limited budget. Let them know which items are high on your priority list and inform them that these things would have to be taken care of before they push onto the rest.

Once they know what should be number one on your list, they would be able to start with their search for the proper vendors and suppliers for the wedding.

After dealing with all of this, you deserve to sit back, relax and enjoy the remaining days until the big day. Make sure that you take the time to rest and that you do not stress yourself too much before your wedding. You might even want to pamper yourself and have a spa day with your soon-to-be spouse so that you will both look dashing come the day of your wedding.

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