How to Keep a Well-manicured and Weed-free Lawn

green lawn

What’s the first thing you notice about a property? Before you even begin to appreciate the house’s exterior, you’ll look at the lawn first. Is it well-manicured? Does it have flowers? Is it neat and weed-free? The state of the lawn tells a lot about the homeowner—whether you actually care about how others see your property.

In London, a tree surgeon is needed before you cut down trees. So if you’re living in the city, you have to think twice before cutting down old trees. You can actually be facing a lawsuit if you try to cut centuries-old trees. Besides, why would you want to cut down a tree? Unless, of course, it’s affecting the structure of your lawn and house. Otherwise, let it be. So many properties don’t have the privilege of having trees in it. You’ll soon realize that a tree gives your lawn a unique character.

Water Regularly

This is the simplest thing you can do for your lawn. Water regularly and heavily. Make sure that the water will reach six to eight inches deep into the soil. This will encourage the roots to grow deep into the ground. If you water lightly, it won’t get into the soil that much. As a result, you have to water more regularly, which is a waste of time.

When the grass starts to dry, give it more water. The grass should be bouncy if they are healthy. As a general rule, water the lawn in the morning because it gives the soil more time to absorb the water down to the roots of the grass.

Remove Weeds

cutting the grass in the garden

Pull out weeds either by hand or using a tool such as a weeder or a hoe. Make sure that when you pull the weeds, the roots will come out, too. This will prevent the weeds from growing again on the same spot. If they are out of control, consider using herbicide. Apply it to the area where the weeds are or the whole lawn, depending on how big your weed problem is. Read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the weed killer. These products are only effective when the type of weed is properly identified and when they are applied at the right time of year.

Mow Frequently

Mowing plays an important role in the growing process of grass. A culm aboveground requires more water and nutrients, which pressures the roots to provide more than it can. Mowing the lawn and making the culm smaller will make it easier for the roots to provide nutrients for the grass. Also, mowing triggers the grass to grow new leaves because it needs them to absorb sunlight. As a result, your lawn will look thicker, heavier, and more resistant to weeds and diseases.

Other things that you can do for your lawn is fertilizing, aerating, and de-thatching. Making sure that your lawn is in good condition will not only improve the aesthetic appearance of your property; it will also increase the value of your home. It takes less than an hour to water and weed out your lawn, unless it is a big one (in that case, ask the rest of the family to help).

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