The Top 9 High Earning and In-Demand Jobs This Year

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It’s no surprise that high salaries are given to individuals who have highly valuable skills. However, your potential income also varies depending on the demand for certain skills at any given time.

Maximize your potential. Here are some jobs that are in-demand this year:

Software Developers

Anyone who has access to technology needs multiple software applications. Simple tasks like writing emails, creating reports, or calling a friend all require software. Businesses use software for digital marketing and automating more complex processes. It’s safe to say that computers have become essential in every office and every workstation. This means that the demand to have software developers who can create efficient systems to run on each one is also steadily increasing.


Giving back to the community can be really rewarding, financially and otherwise. Regardless of your chosen path, as a doctor you will generally be educating patients on their conditions, assessing their overall health, and prescribing the appropriate medications.

You can either choose to practice individually or as part of a team in urgent care facilities and hospitals. You also have the option to be a general practitioner or a specialist. A few high-paying roles include anesthesiologists, psychiatrists, gynecologists or obstetricians, and surgeons.

Speech-language Pathologists

There rsquo;s always a demand for more skilled professionals in the healthcare industry. Individuals who suffer from dementia or stroke are likely to also have language impairment problems. Speech therapists or speech-language pathologists (SLPs) can identify the best method to treat the lack of oral, cognitive communication, and language skills for every patient.  They also work with children who may have trouble developing these skills in the first place.

Financial Managers

Accounting for every source of income and expense incurred is crucial for every business. For this reason, more and more business owners and entrepreneurs hire dedicated financial managers. This makes it easier for the team to have detailed accounts of their finances daily. This simultaneously lets them take the necessary steps to grow over time. After all, the main priority at the end of the day is to stay profitable while spending less.

Airline Pilots


A pilot’s duties go beyond flying designated aircraft. In reality, they’re also found behind the scenes of every flight’s safety. Some of their responsibilities include checking aircraft prior to flying, detailing and giving flight plans, and responding to flight changes and emergencies.


Similar to doctors, dentists can either be general practitioners or specialists, too. A few common specialties you can choose from include oral surgery, prosthodontics, or orthodontics. A team of dentists often has a dedicated dental lab tech, dental assistant, and dental hygienist. Still, generally speaking, they are mainly responsible for diagnosing a patient’s dental problems, providing the treatments necessary, and giving advice on general teeth and gum care. Patients may also get damaged teeth repaired, removed, or replaced with dentures or implants.

Human Resources Managers

Most members of a company’s workforce usually go through the Human Resources Department first. This team of professionals is usually responsible for spearheading the recruitment and hiring processes. They are also in charge of interviewing each potential candidate and assessing and maintaining the team’s inclusion and diversity strategies. On a day-to-day basis, they also manage payroll, make sure that employees’ benefits and programs are properly supplied, and moderate any staff disputes.

Sales Managers

Every sales team needs to be overseen by a sales manager to keep them in tip-top shape. They usually have extensive, first-hand experience as a salesperson that serves as a model for how their teams interact with customers. Plus, they are mainly responsible for staying on top of recent trends, setting target goals, and training newer sales personnel. Clients usually address their complaints to them, too.

Architectural and Engineering Managers

These managers create the budget for every project that the project teams at architectural and engineering firms follow. They are responsible for hiring, instructing, and managing their team of engineers. This ensures that product development plans are smoothly developed and executed. Production methods and processes may also be analyzed and re-engineered at their discretion to keep them as efficient as possible.

Earning a high salary is a stepping stone to achieving financial freedom. It’s a common goal that most individuals have. Try not to be discouraged if your career isn’t on the list. It may be in demand in the years to follow. Meanwhile, individuals with the opportunity to take on one of the jobs listed above are recommended to take the leap.

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