It’s Time to Keep Your Construction Sites Safe

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Construction sites need to be safe for your workers and the public at all times. However, your business might have to be even more careful this autumn. The world is dealing with a health crisis, and if you’re in Iowa, heavy snowfall could happen even before winter breaks.

Here are three tips to boost your site’s safety this season:

1. Prep for Snow

Snow might help take people’s minds off the coronavirus pandemic, but it spells danger for everyone, particularly in construction sites:

  • When it melts, snow increases the risk of falling or slipping.
  • Snow is still water, raising the moisture levels that could damage your tools and raw materials.
  • It raises the odds of having black ice, endangering your truck drivers, machine operators, and motorists.

In Iowa, snowfall is usually lighter, unlike the surrounding states. However, during late autumn, it can be heavier than usual. As early as now, call a snow removal service. These people have the right tools and strategies to get rid of it fast.

2. Plan for COVID-19

This year’s fall season will be vastly different from the previous years because of the coronavirus pandemic. Although there’s much chatter on vaccines and some treatments showed promise, the CDC and other health experts agree that the following are the best steps to avoid getting sick:

  • Wear masks.
  • Practice social distancing.
  • Wash hands regularly.
  • Avoid touching the face.
  • Improve ventilation in indoor spaces.

These protocols, while helpful, need extensive planning to implement. Consider the following ideas:

  • Schedule your team’s work accordingly. You can divide the group into two, each working for two weeks straight alternately.
  • Know the state’s guidelines in reopening the business. As of August 2020, Iowa was still in a state of emergency, so restrictions are still aplenty. Improve compliance in the wearing of face coverings in the workplace and avoid having the team share meals.
  • Conduct daily health checks. Monitor their temperature daily and discourage anyone sick from working.
  • Improve hygiene. Make clean water, soap, and hand sanitizers available all the time.

3. Ensure They’re Protected from the Cold

construction workers

The fall months are not the coldest in Iowa, but temperatures can still hover at 21 degrees Celsius this October. It can increase the chances of developing hypothermia and joint aches, both of which can be workplace hazards.

To minimize the impact of the cold, here are some tips:

  • Ensure they wear the right protective equipment at all times. Gloves can protect their hands from shivering, while a pair of anti-slip boots or shoes can help reduce the risk of falling. A hard hat can also keep the head warm. When temperatures drop significantly, workers must be able to wear layers comfortably.
  • Provide short breaks in between. They will reduce exposure to the cold and give them time to warm themselves up.
  • See to it that tools are easy and convenient to hold. Metal equipment, for example, can become slippery or extremely cold to touch during autumn. Besides demanding your workers to wear mittens or gloves, you can cover your tools with insulating materials.

Your project’s success relies on the effectiveness of your team. They can work better if they’re safe and protected, especially this autumn.

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