Keeping Your Long Distance Relationship Alive during the Pandemic

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It takes commitment to maintain a relationship. We all know that. What’re more, couples who’ve made their vows know that. One particular religious vow mentions keeping things “through sickness and health” and the most remembered of them all is “till death do us part”.

Sadly however, it would seem many relationships are destined to break up this pandemic. Not only is there a spike in online advice on how to end relationships but divorce is on the rise in America more than ever. Experts are calling the situation the perfect storm to test relationships.

For one, women are heavily burdened as children had to be homeschooled and everyone have to work from home. And as businesses close one by one, monthly rents and bills pile up like never before.

Thus it certainly will be a test for you if you’re maintaining a long-distance relationship. Right off the bat, traveling around America from one airport to another isn’t a walk in the park. With each state having different COVID-19 protocols, jumping from one place to the other can certainly be a hassle — if not downright risky.

The good news is there certainly is no need for you to throw away your precious relationship. Taking a page from people who’ve kept their unions strong despite the distance should bid you well. Listed below are five of these proven strategies.

Keep in Touch

The moment you stop communicating with one another is the moment your relationship slowly dies. With so many communication channels to choose from, you should be able to get in touch without issues. Make sure you choose an appropriate way to stay connected.

While hearing the other’s voice via a call can certainly warm your heart up, it can be taxing. Your partner could be in the middle of something. During the day, texting can be a great way to stay in touch. It’s non-obtrusive but it shows how much you care. Using mobile can certainly ease the job when you want to check in.

Additionally, make the most of technology. For instance, FaceTime can be your best friend. It’s the closest thing you can have to talk in person. You can always schedule a time to talk and add other friends to chime in from time to time to get the conversation going.

Little Things Matter

In any relationship, little things matter. In a long-distance relationship, they’re amplified even more. So never ever forget milestones in your relationship. Put them on your schedule and celebrate them with a plan. That tells your partner without a shadow of a doubt, you value the relationship like no other.

Sending gifts can be a great way to show how much you care in these times, not to mention compensate for errant behavior. Then again, observe quality when giving gifts. A good example here is personalized high-end jewelry gifts for women. A personalized design from a reliable supplier can surely catch the attention of the one your love without tearing a huge hole in your wallet.

Be Here Now

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It’s easy to forget about staying present when there’s so much going on with your life. But it’s important you give your attention where your attention is due. So as much as possible, when you’re working, put your focus on work. And when you’re talking to your partner, give your undivided attention. In short, give quality time.

If you’re not giving your partner the attention needed when you’re on the phone or whatnot, that could send the wrong message. It may be construed as taking your relationship for granted.

Go Deeper

It’s easy to get lost in the tiny details of our everyday lives. More often than not, your conversation can go trivial and down to nothing if you don’t take a proactive role in handling it.

A good way to counter this is to go deeper. Talk about your long-term plans or ways you can be together. Ask about your partner’s dream job or how business can be a way out of the 8-hour rut.

Get creative. Now is the best time to know your special someone better. A piece from the New York Times should help you here. In addition, you can come up with a project that both of you can work such as connecting to everyone in your lives online or starting a business.

Put Quality in Your Time Together

It’s easy to treat your time together as a common occurrence. But with the virus in circulation, you should know that having someone to call your own is a great privilege.

By not taking your time with each other for granted, you send the right message. And that is you value the relationship and will make it work no matter the distance.

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