Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

outdoor space

Your house is one of your biggest investments. Besides maintenance and renovation, you should also invest in maximizing your property’s value. Two ways to do this are upgrading your living quarters and increasing usable space. Beautifying your house should involve not only your house’s interior but also your outdoor space.

At present, a global health crisis has restricted our options for travel and gatherings. Fortunately, with restrictions slowly being lifted across the country, opportunities for socialization are increasing though still with safety precautions. So, making our homes and outdoor spaces comfortable has become more important than ever.

Making major changes to your house and yard can be daunting. But good planning and research make the task more manageable. Here, we provide simple steps to help you conduct your outdoor renovation project.

Clean up your outdoor space

Before you make any plans, you need to create a complete assessment of your yard. If you don’t tidy up your house’s outdoor area, you won’t be able to determine what you have (and don’t have). Trim overgrown bushes or grass, uproot dead plants, and polish or repair any hardscape features. Conducting an overall yard clean-up might not sound like the easiest or most exciting first step to your outdoor makeover, but it has its benefits. First, you’ll be able to come up with a  realistic and comprehensive yard assessment. Second, inspiration might strike you while you’re cutting the grass- or right after, when you have a full view of the space.

Determine your space’s purpose

What would you like to do in your outdoor area? Are you open to inviting guests for a barbecue? If so, how many? Do you want a personal space for relaxation and meditation? Does it need to be child-friendly? Having a clear purpose for your space will help you lay out a specific plan for renovations. Just as a new house requires a floor plan, a revitalized outdoor space requires a concrete layout.

Consider nature and orientation


The location of your house and your outdoor area are huge determinants of functionality. If you live in an area where it frequently rains, consider weather-proofing objects and fixtures you want to place in your yard. If you live near a body of water or a slope, make sure that your outdoor space is safe and secure from threats like flooding and landslides. In most cases, it is advisable to have a retaining wall built to secure your outdoor area. Safety is the number one priority in making your outdoor space livable, so check and control all possible risks.

Ensure comfort

Lighting, heat, and seating are three main considerations in ensuring a comfortable exterior space, whether for relaxation or guest accommodation.

  • Lighting- In summer, go for a festive atmosphere by adding string lights or lanterns. You can choose solar-powered lights to fit your needs while being environmentally responsible. Adding step lights for extra safety is also a bright idea.
  • Heat- Install heat lamps to make your outdoor space cozier, even in cold months. You can choose from propane, electric, or infrared heating devices depending on your budget and preferred design.
  • Seating- Wrought-iron and plastic chairs are either too hot or cold to sit on, depending on the weather. So, it’s advisable to weatherproof furniture. Bring out washable cushions, outdoor pillows, and wool blankets for colder weather. Also, consider how many guests you plan to have your gatherings to decide the size and number of furniture you’ll put outside.

Build outdoor fixtures

Here are some outdoor fixtures you can build without breaking the bank:

  • Built-in barbecue- Unlike a full-blown backyard kitchen which takes lots of time and money, why not install a simple built-in BBQ using materials from your local DIY? You’ll only need grilling tools and this step-by-step guide.
  • Privacy screen- An outdoor screen can block the chilly wind and act as an additional outdoor ornament.
  • Patio roof or covered gazebo- More than a screen, a roof over your head can help you stay outside longer since it provides shelter from light rain and direct sunlight.

Decorate your exterior space

Keeping your outdoor area decorated according to the season is a sure way to keep it lively and eye-catching. You can also ride the global gardening craze and add some plants to your yard. Gardening will also encourage you to spend more time outdoors and regularly check the space for maintenance.

No matter the weather and circumstances, having a livable exterior area adds value to your home. Just plan carefully and prioritize safety when giving your yard a makeover.

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