Make Your Summer Worthwhile by Taking on These Home Improvement Projects

living room with a rug

As much as people want to stay at home, doing nothing or doing a few activities over and over again is taking a toll on their mental health. The perennial question is: What can a person do if they have seen all the TV shows, read all the books, baked every pastry, and completed every free course on the internet? Improve your house!

Admit it, even though the lockdown restrictions in your area have eased up, your summer will never be the same as what you dreamed it could be. So, say goodbye to your beach plans and hello to your paintbrush, hammers, and drills, because it’s time to start improving your house. Here are some projects that you can start with:

1. Declutter Your Doorway

Your doorways have a big job to make a good first impression, as it is the first room that guests see. However, it is also tasked to receive and hold all the items that you and your children need right before you go out the door, which makes it always cluttered. To remedy this, furnish your entryway with enough storage system. Get furniture that can do two jobs like a bench that can also be a shoe compartment. You can put up shelves with cubbies or lockers for your kid’s bags and sports equipment. You can also add multiple hooks for your guests’ jackets and coats.

2. Protect Your Walls with Backsplash

Splashes or spills on your walls are a pain. You may not see it now, but after a few months, they create a yellowish or grayish stain on your walls that even the best cleaning agents will have a hard time removing. Eliminate that problem early by installing decorative backsplashes. They don’t only help you keep your wall clean but also give your kitchen some character. Do not worry, you can install these without a professional.


3. Provide Shade in Your House

Window treatments can beautify your windows and make them as beautiful as the rest of the room. These treatments also have practical use of providing shade to your interior when it’s sunny out. When installing these, bear in mind the necessities of every room in the house like privacy or resistance to bacteria. To do this, you can enlist the help of professionals to put window treatments around the house, just like car tint installers do to vehicles.

4. Put up a Gallery Wall

It’s always been nice to stop and stare at old pictures on walls. Whether it’s your family or friends on the pictures, there’s a sense of comfort and belonging whenever you get to see their faces smiling. If you want to induce this feeling onto your guests, put up a gallery wall.

There are so many home improvement projects you can do while staying home this summer. Take on smaller projects first so you won’t be overwhelmed. Start with one problem area in your home and find solutions for that. Enlist the help of your family members so you can do your summer projects together.

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