Making America’s Favorite Sandwiches: How to Make a Perfect Bite

subway sandwich

Americans love sandwiches. According to a study, 47 percent of adults in the United States eat at least one sandwich. These cozy layers of bread and filling are also American’s favorite lunchtime repast, with 48 percent of every sandwich consumed at that time. The popularity of this humble snack makes any submarine sandwich franchise opportunity in the country a lucrative venture.

Today we have sandwiches made of the usual ingredients, and some a little more exotic, with avocado being a favorite up and comer.Although it’s clear the Americans have an undying love for sandwiches, which types of sandwiches are their favorite? After all, with so many dizzying options for filling and spreads to choose from, surely there are a few that represent the cream of the crop?

Below are the most popular sandwich types in the United States. You can find them in almost every home kitchen and any restaurant.

You’ll also find a culinary secret that will make your next sandwich all the more delicious.

The Grilled Cheese

A classic treat and perfect for every time of the day. Just woke up? Try a Brie and bagel version with some strong coffee on the side. Hungry at lunch? A quick cheddar version on some white bread is a simple yet delicious meal, with your favorite soda or juice to wash it down. Feeling a little famished at night? Slap some Camembert on whole wheat, fry it up, and voila!

Because of their simplicity and creamy goodness, grilled cheese sandwiches are America’s most loved sandwich.

The Secret: ; According to Martha Stewart herself, the secret to making a crispy and unburnt grilled cheese sandwich is mayonnaise. Instead of slathering butter on the outside face of your sandwich, spread it inside facing the cheese and substitute mayo. The substance will enrich the flavor and leave your bread unburnt yet crisp.


bacon sandwich with fries

One of America’s personal favorites, the BLT combines three ingredients in one delicious experience. Flavorful bacon surrounded by tender lettuce and juicy tomato? What more can you ask for from a sandwich? The BLT is an amazing lunchtime meal, filling you up splendidly. Plus, you can add vegetables to make it more nutritious!

The Secret: Although it shares top billing with lettuce and tomato, the real star of this sandwich is the bacon. If you want to make a glorious BLT, make sure to fry (or bake) the bacon to crispy perfection. No one wants a chewy strip of pork in their sandwich. Crispiness is key.

The Peanut Butter and Jelly

You may remember this delicacy from your school room lunchboxes, or from just this morning, Making PB and J sandwiches for your kids and receiving them from your parents is practically an American tradition. The saltiness (or crunchiness) of the peanut butter provides wonderful contrast to the smoothness and sweetness of the jelly.

The Secret: Make the taste experience of a PB and J even better by adding a layer of potato chips. This will kick up the saltiness and crank up the sweetness of both ingredients, resulting in a piece of heaven between your fingertips.

Sandwiches are a common meal, but that doesn’t mean they have to taste common as well. Use these secrets to make your next sandwich more than just a snack and turn it into a culinary masterpiece.

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