Market Hopping in Manila


The concrete jungle of Manila has a bit of everything that a city dweller needs from shopping malls to restaurants to offices. Beyond these are little nooks and crannies that are intimate and show a different side of the metro. Markets in different parts of the metropolis will provide you with a unique experience.

If you plan to rent a van here in Manila and want to see the markets, here are places to add to your itinerary.

Dangwa Flower Market

Situated in Sampaloc, Manila, this market is the ideal place to get a bouquet of flowers. It has different blooms available for romantics who want to surprise their loved one with orchids, gerberas, tube roses and daisies during their birthday or anniversary.

Other than local flowers, Dangwa also imports these from countries such as the Netherlands and Ecuador just to name two. The market became popular during the 70s when the former First Lady of the Philippines used to shop for flowers for decorations.


Divisoria is the market you will hear the most about because of the low prices and diverse products available. You can get almost everything here at a discounted rate; from high-quality copies of designer bags and shoes to costumes for themed parties or weddings.

You’ll also find household items, school supplies and knick-knacks if you just feel like buying something because you’re there. Use your haggling skills to get the lowest possible price, buy more items to drop the price even more. There are also stalls and restaurants to help you recharge before shopping again.

Mercato Centrale

This premier market provides a variety of choices from budding, home-based entrepreneurs to restaurants putting up a stall to hangout areas. This is where you may also find the launching of new, delicious food that will make your mouth water.

Try everything and find a cozy spot, and talk about food with the people that come and go.

Tutuban Night Market

This night market offers affordable but good quality items for those who are good at haggling. The area is secure and organized for those who want to feel less threatened by the general chaos of a typical marketplace. Shoppers can find stalls that sell household items, apparel, food, fabrics and toys.

Seaside Market Dampa

lobsters at a seafood market

Some people prefer dining in restaurants, while others prefer to eat what they chose. The Seaside Market Dampa is for the latter group who want to choose specific items to eat. They’ll have their pick of the freshest seafood available for a hearty meal.

They can choose squid, lobsters, shrimps, crabs, fish and oysters, just to name a few that are available.

Legazpi Market

Located in Makati City, the Legazpi Market has a bit of everything for visitors. This weekend opens on Sundays and offers a variety of food and artisanal products. You’ll find Middle Eastern, Asian, Spanish and fusion cuisine during your taste-testing adventure.

Don’t leave without tasting the famous Imang Salud ensaimada.

These are only some of the markets you can go to during your trip around Manila. These provide you with a variety of food and products for a shopping spree.

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