Masks Are In: Trends In Fashion During The Pandemic

wearing facemask

It’s 2021, and the pandemic is still right around the corner. People are still steering clear away from each other. The economy is still recovering from the significant blow it received last year. However, due to quarantine protocols being lifted this year, more people are going out of their homes and returning to their normal activities.

People who go out during the pandemic are at significant risk of getting infected by the virus. But some of these people found a way to keep themselves protected through what they wear. This led to the increase of the global apparel market, pushing many fashion designers and apparel companies to adapt to the trend or perish. If you want to look fashionable during the pandemic, here are some fashion trends you should try.

Masks Are In!

Everyone is wearing masks during the pandemic. This is one of the prime requirements of someone to go outside, and without it, you are putting yourself at risk for the virus. However, many designers find these masks to be very unappealing. That’s why many companies have started to integrate some fashion sense to this essential personal protective equipment (PPE).

A couple of years ago, no one would have believed you if you have told them that masks will take over the fashion industry. But that’s exactly what’s happening right now. What mask you wear, the way it looks, and how it feels all determine your fashion-sense, and many apparel companies are capitalizing on this. Believe it or not, the US’s current mask market is becoming a multi-billion market over the span of one year. This crazy fashion sense has led many online sites to sell their own mask designs. From masks with specialty quilt designs to masks that are literally made of copper, no design is out of reach. Various individuals have also decided to make their own masks inside the safety of their homes using recyclable materials.

It’s crazy to think how such an accessory that we barely wore a couple of years ago has now become an essential part of our daily lives.

face shield and mask

Fashionable Face Shields

Face shields are essential if you want your face to be completely safe against the virus. However, most commercial face shields are bulky and do not look appealing at all. But because of the great need for it, many have customized their face shields to look good. Some apparel companies have also designed face shields to sell for consumers looking for something more fashionable. From printed face shields to polaroid face shields, the market is filled with all kinds of new designs to make face shields look good in front of the public. This trend eventually inflated the face shield market to grow into a multi-billion dollar market last year.

Gloves To Compliment Masks

Another piece of accessory that is also making headlines in today’s fashion world is gloves. This personal protective equipment is primarily seen in hospitals. However, many have taken the liberty of wearing it when they go out. Gloves can offer some sense of protection as long as you’re not touching your face with them. It can be another layer of protection that complements the way you look with your mask.

Moreover, gloves are quickly becoming a trend during this pandemic, especially when celebrities are preaching about on social media. Jared Leto and Demi Lovato have decided to preach gloves’ safety features and how fashionably they can look, especially during the pandemic. Some fashion companies have also decided to design their own gloves. All of these things have led to the gloves market ballooning overnight.

Jackets To Complete The Attire

To round it all up, the last trend on this list are jackets. This particular apparel has been a staple for everyone even way before the pandemic, but it has become even more essential when it hit. Everyone enjoys wearing jackets. They look fashionable and can complement any other accessories you are wearing. However, some companies have taken this particular fashion attire and designed it to ‘fully protect you from the virus.

Fashion companies didn’t really change much when it comes to how they design jackets during the pandemic. But Vollebak, a British apparel company, decided to make a jacket laced with copper to protect its wearers from the pandemic. Although it can’t exactly protect its wearers from the virus, it looks fashionable, and some have decided to buy it despite its hefty $900 price tag.

Mask, face shield, gloves, and a jacket are a combination of essential attires during the pandemic. Various fashion companies have taken the liberty to make each part of looking as fashionable as they can. This just shows that protection against the pandemic doesn’t necessarily need to be a hassle. It can be a part of your lifestyle.

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