No Need To Go Out With This Calisthenics Routine


There have been numerous studies that have proven how regular exercise or any physical activity is important to enhance your overall health. They’re also some of the tried-and-true strategies to maintain your body, mind, and overall health in tip-top shape, potentially lowering your chance of diseases like depression, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. So, in the middle of working at home, using Zoom, and some social media recruiting tools, make time to exercise to keep your body from going rusty.

However, most people believe that exercising or working out can only be done in a gym or with expensive gym equipment that can be put up at home. Fortunately, that notion is only half-true since there are numerous ways to inexpensively exercise and participate in physical activities.

You can try yoga, meditation, and even outdoor activities, like hiking, biking, and jogging. And then, there’s also the option of doing some exercise at home without the need for any expensive gym equipment, which is to do some calisthenics.

Why You Should Do Some Calisthenics

Calisthenics is a type of training regimen or exercise that requires little to no gym equipment. When doing this routine, all you need is your body weight and sometimes some readily available items at your house. While some health experts and gym buffs would not usually consider calisthenics a superior workout compared to going to the gym, they can nevertheless help you improve your endurance, flexibility, coordination, muscle mass, and overall strength. Of course, you can see the results and many other benefits the more you incorporate calisthenics in your daily routine.

Among the advantages of doing calisthenics are that you can do them anywhere and at any time, such as your bedroom, garage, or backyard, during your break, or even after you work out at the gym if you want to build your strength and make your body more robust.

Calisthenics You Should Include In Your Exercise Routine

It doesn’t matter what your fitness goal is, or even if you just want to prepare for the day, doing some calisthenics could benefit your body. Here are some of the most beneficial calisthenics you ought to do regularly:

  • Lunges

Lunges are a great way to strengthen your legs and develop your upper body. It’s a simple kind of calisthenics that even beginners can perform without any difficulty; all you have to do is keep your upper body straight while bending your knees alternatively while lowering your body to the ground. Lunges not only strengthen your legs, but they also help you gain muscle mass, which can assist tone your belly and give you a six-pack. It would, of course, strengthen your buttocks and improve your posture.

  • Pull-ups

Pull-ups are one of the most popular routines among calisthenics enthusiasts. Although beginners might need a pull-up bar, it’s not necessary. As long as you have something to cling on to pull your body up, then you’re good to go. While this type of calisthenics is a little more complex, and it might require you to have sufficient strength and muscles before you can perform it on a regular basis, it can help you train your arms and back and help you build your arms’ muscles.

Chin-ups are almost the same as pull-ups, but you need to use a supinated grip to raise your body, and they focus more on your upper back muscles. With your hands gripping the pull bar, you’ll be closer together, making this routine easier in comparison to pull-ups.

Dragonfly, also known as dragon flag, is a high-intensity calisthenics routine that can quickly build and shape your abs, so if you’ve been training to get those six-packs, then incorporate this in your routine. You can do this calisthenics routine by lying down on your back and grabbing onto support bars as you lift your lower body higher such that your weight is supported by your shoulders. It might be difficult at first, especially for beginners, as this is an advanced routine, but after you’ve gotten used to it, you’ll notice and feel the changes in your body practically immediately.


You can even lose more weight by doing squats as they burn calories while strengthening your knees and ankles. Furthermore, squats can strengthen your tendons, bones, leg muscles, and ligaments.

Get Fitter And Healthier By Training Smarter

Even though calisthenics isn’t a replacement for going to the gym to work out, you can do them as a routine if you don’t have much time to travel to the gym or if you want to save some cash on gym memberships. But if you want the best results in no time, doing gym workouts in addition to a calisthenics routine will do wonders for your physique and overall health.





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