Guys, It’s Time We Bid Your Current Hairstyle Farewell

men at the barbershop

Sure, we’re all up in arms for all the dudes who tried growing their hair out and letting their luscious locks get the opportunity to express themselves; it’s not every day you’re presented with the chance to stay inside and not care about hair length. As a result, we’ve seen some of the unique and creative longer hairstyles from some of the most surprising people who you’d usually take for granted because of their short hairstyle preference.

However, we think this trend of letting the hair grow itself out has long since ended, and with summer right around the corner, it’s about time we all bid farewell to our current hairstyles and welcome a bit of change. And so, we’ll be going over the reasons why you should accept our advice to change and just how you stand to benefit from a new hairstyle altogether this summer.

#1 You Should Try Something New

Let’s be honest with each other; many of us have grown tired of waking up in the morning looking like a mess and our hair resembling an entire bird’s nest — it’s both unappealing and quite the funny sight in the mirror. Plus, if you completely agree that you’ve grown a bit bored of seeing the same hairstyle day in and day out, it’s only natural for you to try something new. In fact, you don’t even have to cut it super short and make a few trims here and there until you’re satisfied.

  • Show Off Your Change: Firstly, cutting your hair is often seen as an important turning point in your life, and while this mantra is often related to women cutting their hair short after a breakup, that’s not to say we guys can’t use it the same way. So, if you’ve been searching for a quick and easy method to spark some immediate change in your life, then getting a brand-new haircut would make a great place to start.
  • Embracing An Aesthetic: Secondly, new fashion trends are emerging from the shadows as the world slowly picks up the pace of opening up. Keeping the same old hairstyle will make it more difficult to embrace any new and popular aesthetic. For example, we’re seeing the resurgence of a contemporary take on the yuppie look, and while hair that’s a bit longer can work, shorter hairstyles give you more flexibility.

man getting a haircut

#2 Hits The Reset Button For Hair Health

While we’d like to think that we’ve done our part of grooming and maintaining our hair health, most dudes are novices in their hair care routines, and the majority are actually dealing with frizz, dryness, and even damaged hair without them knowing. However, getting a brand-new haircut acts as your get-out-of-jail-free card because it hits the reset button for hair health and lets you start from scratch. And, if you choose to grow it out again, at least you’ll be doing it right this time around.

  • Healthier And “Thicker” Hair: Getting a haircut does two things for your hair; one, it makes it healthier, and two, it gives off the illusion of thicker hair. Regular haircuts make your hair more manageable in the long run and make it easier to try different hairstyles in the future. Plus, if you’re worried about thinning hair, a haircut creates the illusion of thicker hair in the process.
  • Start A New Hair Care Routine: Now, going back to the notion of starting a new hair care routine, a quick trip to the barbershop will make it easier for you to try new hair care products and set yourself up for healthier hair. Sure, it will take some time and effort before you get used to taking the extra steps of a proper hair care routine, but you’ll soon be drinking dirty martinis in celebration when you pull it off.

#3 The Summer Heat Will Be Relentless

Last but not least, if you’re stubborn about keeping your luscious locks long, then might we remind you of the summer heat that will be relentless this time around, and you’ll be sweating buckets as soon as we hit mid-June. We understand that nobody likes sweating a lot, and keeping your hair long is just counterproductive to that idea, so you’re better off keeping it short unless you can afford to blast the AC on full power 24/7. In fact, even if you plan on going to a colder destination and have your pair of Nordica ski boots ready, long hair tends to get in the way even after accounting for the cozy benefits of keeping your ears warm.

Instant Boost In Self-Confidence

Overall, we think there’s no better opportunity than today to cut your hair shorter and give yourself a brand-new look for the summer season. Not only will it make you look better, but you’ll also feel better in the form of an instant boost of self-confidence for trying something new for a change.

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