Peace and Quiet: The Secret to Taking a Really Good Rest

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In theory, taking a rest is pretty easy. You stop work, lie down, and doze off. But in reality, people find it hard to do. Just thinking about hitting a break from work or filing a vacation leave is perhaps sending you jitters already, imagining all the emails that would go unread and unanswered.

Or perhaps, you’re already in a beautiful exotic island yourself, the calming blues and greens everywhere you lay your eyes on, and still, your mind isn’t rested. The thing is, for any activity to be restful at all, you need to be in the right frame of mind and be in the moment.

Proper Perspective

Many people find it hard to switch the rest mode on simply because they feel like they need to be working non-stop. Now this is something you need to unpack yourself.

These hard questions can help: Why do you have the strong urge to keep yourself busy? Is it because of the purpose it gives? Flipping the scenario, would you feel useless when you stop? Would there be people rolling their eyes when you take a rest?

If you feel like you can’t rest because of guilt or shame, then you know that that’s not a good motivation in doing what you do. There should be a change in perspective. You need to stop idealising busyness and demonising rest.

Remember, work doesn’t define your entire identity. It doesn’t necessarily mean that more work means more plus points for you as a person. You’re more than your job. On the other hand, rest is necessary for work to be more meaningful. It’s not some evil you need to resist.

Your brain and body need to recharge so that when you go back to your office desk, you can do a much more efficient job. The principle is, reframe your perspectives about work and rest. Start with the mind.

Presence of Mind

sleeping woman

Once you understand the importance of rest, that’s when you can focus on making it happen. Be intentional about entering that period of rest. It’s good if you can find a private, quiet place. If you want to get out of town, you can visit Bath City. Hotels in the Bath City centre have the most fantastic views, which can easily put you in the peace and quiet mode.

Beyond the change in environment though, be deliberate in your internal dialogue. Give yourself a little pep talk: ‘This is the time to rest’, ‘I need this’, or ‘I will feel refreshed after this’. This doesn’t just encourage you to settle down, but also shoo away thoughts of work and office drama.

As you do this, take in what’s in front of you. The garden view in your patio. The sunset from your hotel. The people walking nearby. Pay attention to the colours around you. Focus on the sounds. Little by little, you’ll find that your mind wanders already and you’re far from thoughts of unanswered emails and client meetings. Be in the moment.

It’s hard to take a break when you can’t break away from tension and stress. But the key lies in putting on a new perspective and being in the moment. Do that today to experience genuine rest.

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