Designing and Building the Perfect Man Cave

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It’s usually very hard to pinpoint the design of the man cave that you want. Do you want an Irish-pub-looking man cave? Do you want to wrap your man cave with posters from your favorite movies? Are you obsessed with sneakers, video games, or movies? The idea of having your own little haven on Earth will make you excited about designing it. But before you go full-blown into designing mode, you need to remind yourself of a few things first.

Watch out for the Space

Do you have a separate bedroom? Or, is this going to be your bedroom-man cave? If it is your bedroom, then make sure you have enough space to relax. Movies and video games are not relaxing. Build a separate corner for these activities. At least in one corner of the room, dedicate a space for the bed mattress you’ll have delivered. That’s another thing about designing your man cave. Don’t spend all your money on the amenities, video game consoles, and other design elements. Prioritize having the best mattress so your nights will be relaxing.

Get the Details Right

Sit down and draw what you want. Even an imperfect drawing will give the contractor an idea of how you want the man cave to feel. Of course, choosing the right materials is the most important thing. And since you want the man cave to be all-masculine, you have to focus on these materials: leather, wood, glass, metal, and brass. These are staples for any design of man cave—may it be a video game haven or a mini-movie theater.

Invest in the Right Lighting

Man caves are all about the lights. You have to install a variety of lights that will give the room the feel that you are aiming for. If you want the feel of a bar or pub, go for low and warm lights. You can even put a disco ball in the corner of the room. If you want a man cave that fits your gamer’s lifestyle, then choose RGB lighting. You may even put up light panels and light strips for that video-arcade look.

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Add a Wow Factor

For your man cave to be truly amazing, you need to add a head-turner amenity or feature. What’s going to be a head-turner in a man cave? If you are a gamer, then you should have your walls lined up with video games. You need a large video screen, too. If you want to invite friends over for some drinks and card games, then you need a mini bar stock with your favorite drinks and some snacks, too. If you’re aiming for a movie-theater look, you need a large television screen with access to a plethora of movie titles.

Stick to a Theme

You cannot randomly use a theme in different corners of the room. Stick to one theme. Do you want your man cave to be all mysterious? Do you want it to be inviting? The theme will dictate what materials and furniture you need in the room. It will also bring the features and design elements of the room together. It will make the messaging more cohesive. What do you want your guests to think when they see the room? You are already going to spend your money on the decorations of your man cave, so you might as well make the most out of that money.

Think About Doing It on Your Own

If you have the budget to hire a contractor, that’s well and good. If you don’t, it’s okay to think about this as your own big project, too. Gather up some friends who can help you renovate and design your man cave. You just need the right tools and materials to start doing this on your own. Set aside your weekends for this. You’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish every weekend. In time, you’ll have a man cave that didn’t require you to spend money on a contractor or interior designer.

Women need their space to meet with friends, have a spa, get a haircut, and soak in the tub. Men need that, too. A man cave is a nice touch to have in any house. Whether you’re living solo or with your own family, having your own space will allow you to de-stress and get away from the issues that hound your personal and professional life. A lot of married men feel bad about wanting a man cave but with the right rules, this should not even be an issue.

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