Post-pandemic Travel Vlogs: 3 Ideas Your Viewers Will Love

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Any content creator can testify that there’s always a fear that it’s all been said and done before. This is particularly true for travel vloggers. How many exotic locations can you visit before another person vlogs it? How many hidden cafes and daring activities can you try before someone with better editing skills can share them with the public?

But now you have another problem: how do you even continue in a post-pandemic world? The answer lies in the fact that there’s always more to a place than you think. Consider this an opportunity to help your viewers get a fresh perspective on travel.

Local Art Scene

Artists and businesses related to arts can be one of the industries to suffer most from the pandemic. Once stores resume operations and going outside doesn’t feel like a scene from a dystopian movie, make your first trips to the local art hubs.

Scour areas for small retailers of artisan gifts such as souvenir shops. Feature the jewelry, clothing, and other items they sell as your means of helping the business.

Let them talk about any interesting facts about the creation of certain items. It’s not only in galleries and museums that you’ll find the most inspiring artworks. They’re often in the hidden nooks of familiar places, waiting for curious travel vloggers like you to discover them.

If you manage to connect with the local artists and business owners as well, you’ll have more content that you could ask for. After all, aren’t people the ones that make traveling a worthwhile experience? Sometimes, all locals and tourists alike need is someone to point them to new directions in places they’ve been to before.

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Pieces of History

Every town, city, and road has a piece of history in them. Step up your research and share the amazing stories behind some of the simplest details in tourist spots that people miss. You can even shift your focus to the unappreciated locations that hold significant tales about their creation.

It’s not only a budget-friendly move—it’s a smart marketing move. Revisiting sites that are accessible or cheaper to visit increases your chances of engagement.

Quarantine has been stressful for the majority of people, and while everyone would love to hit the beach as soon as possible, it’s not a practical choice yet. A fresh twist in vlogging places you know people can visit will make you a relevant search item on social media.

Charity Work

There’s more to a place than the view it provides. For you to immerse yourself in a new location, you must aim for meaningful interaction with its locals.

In a post-pandemic world, one of the most meaningful interactions you can make is to involve yourself in charity work. Look up non-profit organizations in the area or visit orphanages and animal shelters. After you’ve covered the theme parks and beaches in your past vlogs, it’s time to feature the rarely seen faces that genuinely make a place worthy of attention.

Not only will you give your vlog more heart; you will also raise awareness to charities and organizations that need more help than they’re getting. What better way to use your platform, right?

If there’s anything this pandemic has taught creatives, it’s that everyone can do their part in their own little ways. Getting high engagement is good, but it’s even better when you’re making a difference in the world out of it. So grab the content idea that appeals to you and set out to help a post-pandemic world better because of it.

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