Practical Recommendations in Selling Unique Houses


Not all properties are created equal—some have a fantastic contemporary design, while others have an old-world charm. Then there are a few that fall outside the usual cookie-cutter blueprint of houses. These are euphemistically called unique properties.

These houses, which you don’t often find in real estate brochures or interior design portfolios, have features that reflect the personal taste of the owners. It can be dinosaur sculptures on the lawn to dome-shaped interiors straight out of a Tolkien movie—anything that doesn’t belong in your average Pinterest board.

Such properties are lovely to behold but challenging to sell, and agents who have been assigned unique properties will have a hard time finding the right buyer. If you’re handling a quirky property, here are a few tips to help you out.

Use High-Quality Photographs

When you’re advertising on social media, mediocre photos won’t cut it. Remember, it’s difficult to attract buyers for unique properties. Blurred, dim, and unflattering photos will kill a lot of opportunities.

So high-quality photos are the only way to go. That shows the house in the best light, which increases the chances of inquiries and visits. Showcase the universally appealing features, like the minibar, metal gutter protection, smart irrigation systems, and motorized window treatments.

If you’re posting a video, it must highlight the best features of the house or trendy areas that today’s buyers would appreciate, like huge kitchens, outdoor living spaces, and more.

Tell the Story of the House

It’s difficult for a buyer to embrace the uniqueness of the property upfront. They are still reeling from the fact that it is unlike those beautiful houses on Architectural Digest.

They have to understand that, unlike ordinary mansions, this particular property received close attention and meticulous planning from an owner who cares. So the original owners wanted animal topiaries to remind them of the manor gardens of Europe, they wanted floor mosaics reminiscent of Marrakesh, or they wanted stained glass windows like lamps sold on the streets of Turkey. Perhaps the ornate pergolas were inspired by a Japanese palace, or the tapestries look like those of a maharajah.

Unique houses have unique stories. Capitalize on those.

Room interiorNeutralize the Space

Yes, it’s essential to embrace the quirks of the property, but as a real estate agent, you have to trust your gut in some features that would simply turn buyers off. You know better than anyone that a single piece of furniture can make a difference between shortlisting and so long.

If you think that this particular artwork or furniture would ruin the house for potential buyers, make that judgment call and neutralize the space. Send it in an obscure corner of the room or renegotiate with the owner. Inform them that, by taking the said work out of the picture, you make the house appealing to a broader audience.

Most importantly, always consider the perspective of the buyer. When showing the house, help them imagine themselves living in the property. Tell them that it would be a grand experience to live in such a unique home.

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