Is It a Good Time to Put Up a Gym Business?

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Working out has always been a part of the lives of many people, especially men. And they do it with or without the pandemic. Exercise has been a part of their daily routine because they know that even a 15-minute workout a day can significantly impact their health. It does not only keep them fit and healthy. It boosts their immune system, which prevents them from getting sick. Now, this is important, given that we are on a pandemic.

According to a 2021 Ipsos survey, the Netherlands has the most number of physically active people. They spend more than 12 hours every week doing exercises or active sports. Among the 21,000 adults surveyed across the world, half of them said they wanted to play more sport if possible. And, according to the survey, men across the world spend at least 90 minutes more on their exercise than women do every week.

Because of this, more people are becoming interested in putting up their own gym business. But is it a good idea to open a new business during this time? Now that the vaccinations are already rolling out, will people work out at a gym regularly?

Hybrid gym set up is the key

Gyms are always a good idea because people will always invest in their health and well-being. Being fit will always be important to people, so you can be assured of clients no matter what. What you have to consider is that given the pandemic, there have been changes in the workout habits of people.

According to a McKinsey survey, 65% of American gym-goers made exercise a way to relieve stress. Last year, more people exercised at home using digital tools and online workout videos. Some others downloaded workout mobile apps. Others set up their own gyms at home. But, McKinsey reported that half of the respondents were not as satisfied with their at-home workout routines. They said their at-home workouts were inconsistent as they felt less motivated. They missed working out at a gym. And, they would rather choose a hybrid workout setup, which is a mix of gym and at-home workouts.

While they may want to visit a gym from time to time, expect that it will be limited given the current situation. They will also be interested in working out at home. This is what you have to incorporate into your business plan. But, this does not mean that clients will not be interested in subscribing to a gym membership. You just have to know what to incorporate into your gym membership benefits.

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It is still a wise idea to put up a gym business. Just be sure to put up a hybrid setup. Here’s what you should consider:

  • Location

Knowing your target market will always be necessary in any business. Know where your target market is to know where exactly to put up your gym. Is it in the middle of a busy commercial area? Or is it in the middle of a welcoming neighborhood? Study the profile of your target clients and check out possible locations for your gym.

Consult experienced real estate agents for the best possible location. They will know which areas are the most crowded and the busiest. They can also recommend spaces for sale and for lease. Be sure to do an ocular inspection before making your decision.

  • Virtual workouts

Bloomberg reports that 75% of consumers expressed their desire to go back to their pre-pandemic gym routines. This means people are willing to go back to the gym. But, it may not be full-time. They said they’d also want online workouts to be included in their gym memberships.

Given this, you might want to include on-demand video workouts and livestream online gym classes. In coming up with membership benefits, you might want to include days for actual visits to the gyms and days for online workouts. This will be a win-win situation for you and for your clients. By limiting visits to the gym, you can keep your business safe from COVID-19. It will also cut your electricity and other operational costs. Meanwhile, your clients can use your equipment during actual visits. They can also benefit from the online classes provided by professional gym instructors.

Whoever said that gyms are dead is wrong. Gyms are still alive, only with a new setup. Take this opportunity to invest and build your own business in the time of pandemic. With the economy now recovering, you have a higher chance of growing your business. Now is the perfect time because more people are aware of the importance of health and fitness. It’s now or never. Invest in health and wellness and help people invest in theirs, too.

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