Renovating Your Living Room: a Guide for Amateur Designers

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Your grandparents have finally agreed on the renovation project. They’re ready to embrace the new and get rid of the Formica center table of the ‘70s, a living room fixture for the past 55 years. The console table made of laminate panels is showing its age. It’s going to be an exciting piece for the yard sale.

You’re a design enthusiast, and you have been begging them for years to let you do the renovation. They finally agree, and suddenly, it feels like a high-pressure situation. They still have their ideas. Certainly, you expect more negotiations. You are excited, but you need to make sure that the project will be successful. You need all the help you can get.

Understanding the Living Room Evolution

They love having their grandkids over. Some are older and into video games. Others are still little creatures that they can bounce off their knees. Bringing them into the 21st-century living room realities might be a hard sell, but you know that they will do anything to make the grandchildren happy.

Before TV sets invaded American living rooms, family members or at least the adults would sit around the radio. Fast forward to the late 20th century, and big flat screen LCD or plasma TVs have replaced the bulky CRT versions. Today, it’s not just for watching TV programs. It’s part of an entire entertainment system.  Little Johnny wants to play Fortnite. Uncle Ben is not embarrassed to show his singing chops come karaoke time, but the rest of the family is.

It’s important that they gradually understand how family time together has changed over the years.

Focusing on the Essentials

If you research tips or guidelines on how to renovate a living room, you’ll probably get a list of about six to ten items. You’re just an enthusiast designer, and those lists could easily overwhelm you.

Narrow it down. Concentrate on two to three areas where you intend to anchor the renovation project. Is it identifying a focal point as discussed previously? Will it be all about getting the right furniture? Will you need to balance functionality over aesthetics?

Furniture selection will likely be on your shortlist. Make sure that it’s well-positioned in the living room and integrates well with the main focal point.

Hiring the Experts

According to IBISWorld, the total revenue for the remodeling industry is $99 billion for 2019, with nearly 431,000 businesses working in the industry. This data, of course, includes both commercial and residential spaces. But Reuters, back in 2018, reported that Americans spent $340 billion in home renovations.

You can’t do this alone. You’ll need the service of contractors who thrives in this billion-dollar industry. Make sure that the contractor you’re hiring has an excellent reputation.

A professional will listen to you and help you achieve your goals. An amateur will only concentrate on finishing the project. Imagine someone looking at their watch all the time. Amateurs would have little regard for your time and are ready to move on to the next project. Deal with professionals!

Relying on some storytelling to comfort your clients, focusing on the essentials, and hiring the right contractor will help you be successful in this renovation project.

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