Should I Move Out While My Roof Is Being Maintained?

roof maintenance

There will be a point when our roof needs to be repaired and maintained after years of use. While most of them are designed to last a lifetime, with some even lasting around 100 years, some budget-friendly roofing materials will last about 20 to 30 years, and that’s if the weather is just right.

Of course, right before the renovation, there’s bound be loads of preparations, consultations, and paperwork that need to be done right before the big day of getting your roof fixed. It’s also worth noting that the weather should be clear when the roof is being fixed since rain and snow can cause water to be trapped in your roof, and nobody wants that.

There will be drilling, hammering, and industrial noise from the equipment that your roofers are using. You might be sceptical on whether you should be moving out of your home while the construction is going on. But some considerations have to be made if ever you can’t tolerate the inconvenience.

Safety Is Paramount

Repairing your roof, or even replacing your roofing system entirely involves tearing down some of the roofing materials. As such, most of these materials will eventually fall to the ground and can a bit of mess. More importantly, this these falling debris could pose a threat to you and your family.

If you have children inhabiting the same home, it’s important to sit them down and give them a thorough discussion on why they shouldn’t be running around and staying put. Additionally, pets should be caged and taken inside. In some cases, the process of repairing and replacing your roof might get to the point that your family might need to stay in a friend’s place for a few days.

External Structures and Furniture

Whether you have a patio, pergola, or gazebo, nothing is spared from the damage that falling debris will inflict. Not to mention that there’s going to be sawdust, metal filings, and other forms of debris being strewn around when the repair work is being done. That can be a bit unsightly and might get into tight corners of your home. You must place a tarp or any fabric over any external structures and furniture that you have.

In some cases, the vibrations from drilling and other mechanical work can dislodge paintings, picture frames, and anything that’s fixed on walls, so you’ll need to take these off before any action on your roof is done. An excellent place to store ornaments are furniture would be in a dark and dry place that’s furthest from the main structure of your home. Usually, this would be the garage.

You might also need to park your vehicle elsewhere; it only takes a single piece of shingle to dent your car or bread a piece of glass. As such, your vehicle should be in a sufficient distance from your roof.


The Noise

There’s no denying that we do have things that we need to sort out in our day-to-day lives. Noise pollution could severely impede our concentration and progress when we’re working. If you have any means of cancelling out the noise, you should do so. In most cases, people will use earplugs or earphones to drown out the sounds of drills and hammers pounding on their roofs.

However, if the noise turns out to be unbearable, there’s no hurt in going out of town, maybe tune out all the sound for a while.

Communication Is Key

As long as there’s a clear and present line of communication between you and the contractor, you won’t have to worry. While you might have some specific instructions that you want to convey, you can always rely on a professional crew for roof repairs.

For a simple average-sized roof that doesn’t have many complex structures, repairs and replacements will usually take around two to three days. But to make the process even shorter, it’s best to keep tabs with the crew working on your roof. As the client of the service, you are entitled to know every aspect of the operation. When dealing with repairs and construction, safety always comes first. That is reflected in the quality of work of the crew.

All in all, you don’t have to stay in the same area when your roof is being repaired. But it is highly advised. With the suspended particles in the air, coupled with the noise and the possibility that debris might fall on you, it’s recommended that you stay at a friend’s home for at least a week or two. In most cases, roof repair and replacements will usually take a few days the earliest to at least a week for major projects. So ask yourself: is it worth staying in a home while it’s being worked on?

Repairing your roof and renovating your home might be a tedious process, and there might be several considerations to keep in mind. But you don’t have to worry about all those. If needed, take a vacation with your family while your roof is being repaired, your family will appreciate it!

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