The Perfect Home Gym is Possible with These Strategies

man and woman running on their treadmills

Paying for a gym membership is undeniably one of the biggest expenses you might not even use. If you want to free yourself from a useless monthly expense and want to stay in the comfort of your house, a home gym is a perfect option for you. Fret not because you don’t necessarily need a house with huge rooms to do so. All you need is proper planning.

Before you start the project, keep in mind that working out at home requires great discipline, and you need a space that will motivate and inspire you to achieve your fitness goal. To make the work easier for you, we’ve compiled some tips to help you create the perfect home gym.

Find the right room.

The first and probably trickiest part of setting up a home gym is choosing the right space to use. Ideally, it would be best to have an area in your home with enough space for you to do your routines without disrupting other areas. Don’t attempt to use rooms that are already functional such as your living area or study room. Find the least usable room in the house.

What’s more, make sure you love the room as well. If it’s a not-so-big space, assess if you will be comfortable staying in it for several minutes or hours. It’s even better if it has large enough windows so you can let some sunlight and fresh air in. Natural light is said to give a person a sense of calm and improve mood, which is helpful for your workout motivation.

Create a storage and setup plan.

Creating or buying storage solutions is ideal if you got tons of equipment to set up in the room. For instance, you can get storage containers to slide the couch for your jump rope, yoga mat, resistance bands, and other portable items. If you got an empty wall in the area, a hanging organizer is ideal. However, getting a weight rack would be necessary if you got plenty of dumbbells. Buy a more heavy-duty rack if you’re planning to store sandbags, slam balls, or weight plates.

Planning what the entire setup will be is also crucial, especially if the space isn’t that big. Don’t crowd the room with equipment, or you’ll have no space to do your yoga stretches. Check if you will need to install gym flooring and what clutter or distractions should be removed from the room.

woman doing push-ups

Paint it and light it

The recommended type of shade to go for is light colors. It can make the space look a bit bigger, cleaner, and pleasant in the eyes. Give it a fresh coat of paint and avoid using warm shades. You need a bright room that makes you feel energized, so make sure to choose neutral or bright colors that will make you feel energetic.

Good lighting is also essential to make the home gym more stimulating to use. There are plenty of light-head styles that are easy to switch out. You’d also want to opt for LEDs to save energy, which also do not release too much heat than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Fill it up.

Consider the storage tips mentioned above when it comes to organizing your smaller workout equipment. As for larger items such as your lat pulldown or seated leg press machine, they’ll need a permanent space in the room. Organize everything neatly so you can have more space to move around.

Installing a full-length mirror is also a great addition to the room so you can easily check your form during exercises. Plus, it adds light and more dimension to the space, making it look bigger than it actually is. Setup a proper air conditioning system for a comfortable and controlled temperature, especially if the room doesn’t have big windows. And no, it’s not a bad idea to install an AC. Actually, according to some trainers, it’s old school to consider working out without an AC, considering almost every gym is also air-conditioned.

Another great addition to consider is television. Now, this is also a matter of choice. If you prefer working out while watching the news or some fitness videos, having one is a good idea. But if you love to exercise in peace without any other distractions, then don’t install one. You can also add in speakers if you want to play some motivational workout music.

So there you have it! We hope this short guide can help you get started with your home gym. Setting up one does not need to be too daunting or expensive, plan it carefully and maximize the space you have. Bear in mind that the goal here is to create a personal gym that works for your fitness routine.

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