Top 3 Things Men Should Invest In

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There is this common saying: “Don’t let your money sleep in the bank.”

We all know the truth in this saying. We should invest our money instead of just letting it accumulate in our bank over time. Instead of just leaving it there, we could be using our savings to make even more money. We could even make some money while we sleep.

There are many options when it comes to investing our money. We could invest in stocks, bonds, or certificates of deposit. These are the types of investments that we won’t really enjoy right away. Instead, it will grow over time. Getting life insurance is also an essential option. There are many financial benefits to having life insurance. For one, we could use the wealth we created for our retirement or our kids’ college tuition.

But investments are also so much more than securing our future. It’s also about enjoying the present. These are the things that we should start thinking of as investments rather than splurges whenever we have some cash to spare.


As men, we often forget that self-care is also a crucial part of our lives. We often associate it with women who go to the spa or salon and get pampered by the professionals. But we should always remember that we, too, need to maintain self-care all the time.

For example, we should invest in a really good shaving kit. Many of us would find this odd. It’s a shaving kit. It’s hardly something that we could enjoy, much less invest in. But that’s where we’re wrong. Shaving can take a lot of work and time in our mornings. So if we’re spending that much time caring for our face, then we might as well have the best products we can get. A good kit that we can try is Frederick Benjamin’s the Shaving Regimen. It’s ranked as the top shaving kit in 2020 by Men’s Health. This kit is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Another thing that we should invest in is gym equipment. Staying in shape is (or should be) part of our self-care routine. So, again, we might as well have the best equipment we could find. This is a particularly good investment because it’s all about looking after our physical health. And if there’s one thing that we should invest in, it’s our health. We could check out the NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer, the best treadmill that’s recommended by New York Magazine.


well groomed man

Again, fashion as an investment is something that we most often associate with women. And, again, we should stop making that assumption. As men, we, too, should invest in our fashion. We don’t have to buy the best outfit straight from the runway in New York Fashion Week. We just need to invest in quality pieces. They may be pricier than most of our clothing. But if the quality could withstand time and wear, then that’s how we’ll know that we’ve made a good investment.

Every man should have a good suit. We may not all be lawyers, bankers, and other corporate employees in the heart of the business district. We might be used to going to work in casual clothing. But this doesn’t mean that we won’t need a suit from time to time. At some point in our careers, we’ll meet with high-profile clients, make important presentations, and attend major events. Thus, we need to be dressed up to the nines.

And we have to make sure that our ensemble is complete. We need the actual suit, a crisp button-down, a tie, and a pair of shoes. You also can’t go wrong with a few extras such as a pocket square, tie bar, and cufflinks.


Many people believe that travel for leisure is purely indulgent. Exploring other cultures, enjoying different cuisines, and visiting important tourist sites are something for fun only. Yes, in a way, that’s true. But we could also start looking at travel in a different way.

We could look at it as a learning experience and, thus, an investment. It’s our way of exploring what the world has to offer. It helps us find inspiration for our careers. It even brings us happiness.

It may not be advisable to travel right now because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But what we can do is start planning ahead. Kenya is the top travel destination according to Forbes. Perhaps we’re long overdue for an African adventure that would really expose us to a different world.

These things may seem indulgent. But we can also look at them as investments. They bring us happiness, make us feel better about ourselves, and give inspiration. In essence, they bring the same feelings as investing in stocks or insurance to secure our future.

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