Travel in Style: Dressing Sharp for Men While on the Road


Much has been said about the excitement that traveling brings. It allows you to see fantastic places and meet interesting people while engaging in their colorful culture. It is also thrilling to try new dishes that say a lot about a destination’s history. But traveling also offers one precious chance to show off your style chops.

You do not have to go for a business style for your trip, but looking like Ryan Gosling while walking down the arrival hall of the airport may be something that you’d want to emulate. And sometimes, it’s easier than you have imagined. If you want to look fly while flying, here are some of the things you may want to keep in mind:

Pick key pieces for the season.

One of the rules that you should not forget is that you must dress according to the season of the place you are going to visit. That way, you will not look like out of place, and you will feel comfortable moving around. For instance, if you know that Japan is in the fall season from October to December, you may need to bring a cardigan and overcoat. But when you are touring New Caledonia where the Pacific sun always shines, linen button-downs paired with Gurkha shorts will make you look sharp.Similar

Favor stylish footwear.

Shoes always pull everything about your ensemble together, and most of the time, people look at a person’s feet to judge their shoes. And because you are traveling in style, you need to be versatile. Nothing beats white sneakers, as they can match any combinations that you will wear during the trip. Favor leather for more sleekness, but you can always use canvas. More importantly, the shoes should have proper support, knowing that you will be walking a lot around.

Show off your bag.

Because you will be walking around a lot, it will be a good idea to bring a bag with you. This is where you can keep your camera, money, and a bottle of water (a must!). But your bag can also be a style accessory. Safe bets are stylish leather backpacks and messenger bags, but you can try canvas totes. If you are being adventurous and probably carrying only a few items, signature fanny packs are something worth considering.

Get that right haircut.

The interesting combinations of your ensemble may not agree with your hairstyle, so check the latest in grooming from sites like Mensch (Male Image & Grooming) to make sure that your hairstyle is the latest and the best for your journeys. You can always go for safe choices, such as a fade haircut. But you may also try going for curly perms, especially if you are trying to make a statement.

Be fly!

Traveling does not only offer you a chance to see the world. It also gives that precious opportunity to show your style. Good news is, you can experiment with looks. People overseas will not mind, and you don’t know them anyway. So before you fly, spend some time on looking fine and fly.


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