Why Should Africa Be on Top of Your Travel Wishlist This Summer?


Summer may be the best time to travel amongst the season of the year. But if you haven’t been fully vaccinated, forget it. Now that the delta variant is unleashing its more aggressive version of the virus, it’s high time you put your priorities where they should be. To note, coronavirus cases have risen to as much as 70% just recently, all thanks to the more sinister variant.

If you’re good to go (and you have a copy of your vaccine passport) then setting your sights to travel to the African continent should be wise. For starters, the majority of African nations are opening up, welcoming tourists from abroad with open arms. Here’s a list of some requirements you’d need to get into top African destination nations.


Best of all, Africa is a treasure trove. If you’re looking to be amazed, then there might be no better part of the planet to put on your wish list than Africa. What’s more, you can feed your intellect with all the things the continent is known for. For starters, Africa is where man emerged millions of years ago. As a man, it would be an honor to step into Africa. Also, it’s where the first civilization of man came to be.

Should you be still be sitting on the fence on the merits of Africa as a target destination, below are 3 reasons to get you going, and fast.

The Most Beautiful Landscapes

Let’s face it. Humanity is at its wit’s end, thanks to the virus. Not only are people dying by the thousands day by day, but also the virus has proved to be a hard virus to tame. For one, the delta variant has become the most dominant form of the virus ever. Worse, we’re back to square one. When we celebrated the 4th of July with never-before-heard jubilation to mark our supposed-to-be success against the virus, today we are once again experiencing a surge in infections and deaths.

That can only mean one thing: greater stress for everyone.

But all the scenic places that Africa offers could just be the answer to all these stressors. For one, you have all the space you need here to not worry about getting into another person’s personal space. In short, you need not worry about sanitizing now and then or social distancing.

Africa is so full of picture-perfect destinations, you might find summer too short for all the wonderful places for the picking. There’s the famous 108-meter high Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Then there are Namibia’s granite peaks in the Namib Desert. And how about the Sahara Desert or the pyramids of Egypt? To note, these are just places you read about in books. Stepping into these tourist spots can surely bring out the adventurer in you.


Africa’s Innumerable Wildlife

Well, no zoo will equal the animals you can check upon for yourself in Africa. As pundits remind us, Africa is home to vast resources of the past. Bones of dinosaurs from millions of years ago have been unearthed there, so are the bones of our ancestors, the first humans to walk the planet. But more so, Africa is home to many large animals than anywhere on the planet. We’re talking about African elephants, giraffes, and lions.

This is exactly why millions of tourists have gone on safari tours. They want to see wild animals in their habitat and see the scenic views for themselves. Indeed, there’s a world of difference in seeing a wandering herd of thousands of hoofed animals or that of a smaller pack of elephants up close compared to the zoo experience. Plus, you really can’t beat having an expert guide showing you the best places to be in Africa.

A great example here is when you take the Uganda safari vacation trips. When you do, you’d be privy to more than half of the gorilla population on the planet, not to mention chimpanzees and a long list of wild animals to fill your cup to the brim. Indeed, the sheer number of land and marine animals (Nile crocodile) coupled with all the bird species is going to astound you like never before.

The Colorful People

Take note that Africa is home not one, not two but 3,000 tribes. That means you have thousands of distinct cultures and traditions that are just waiting for you to explore.

There’s the Zulu tribe, easily the largest tribe with over 11 million in population. Proud of their heritage, the Zulu people stand with heads high. Then there are the colorful Masai people of Kenya. You won’t mistake their colorful garbs. And yes, their custom of female circumcision has been well-documented by experts. Well, it’s a small wonder why the Masai people are world-famous for their customs and traditions, not to mention their beadwork.

If you want an adventure of a lifetime, Africa can easily sit on top of your list. That’s assuming you’d want only the happiest of memories for summer.

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