Warning Signs that Your Asphalt Driveway Needs Resurfacing

Neighborhood driveway

In addition to functionality, your driveway improves the aesthetic appeal of your property. If it is a commercial property, you need to send the right message to your potential and existing clients. This makes it important to keep your asphalt driveway in immaculate condition. If the asphalt is falling apart, you do not necessarily have to overhaul it. This is because resurfacing offers a workable solution. What are some of the signs that your driveway needs resurfacing?

Multiple Potholes

These are perhaps the most obvious sign that you need to do something about your driveway. Having one or two potholes on your driveway is normal, particularly if it is old. If you have many of them, however, especially if they are increasing rapidly, it is time to take action. While you can always fill potholes, a patched-up driveway will stand out in a bad way. Understand that you ought to resurface your driveway as soon as possible. This is because it might not work where there are deep potholes.

Excessive Cracking

As your driveway ages, there will be cracking and crumbling. If it becomes excessive, you have reason to worry. More cracks make the surface weaker, which results in further damage. If sinkholes and potholes develop, repairing your driveway will need more time and money. This would mean more inconveniences, especially if it is a commercial property. Resurfacing always takes care of cracking and crumbling. Understand that some types of cracks, such as alligator cracks, might be a sign of an unstable base. It is important that your choice asphalt resurfacing contractors evaluate the issue before resurfacing.

Shifting Asphalt

This can be difficult to spot for ordinary people. If you notice mounds and/or dips on your asphalt, you should get in touch with reliable concrete resurfacing contractors. Asphalt roadways should always be relatively flat. When drainage is poor, or if heavy vehicles access your driveway, shifting is bound to happen. Excessive shifting can affect the structural integrity of your driveway. This means that you should handle the problem immediately.


Residential driveway

Extreme weather conditions cause the surface of asphalt to oxidise. When the binders and oils evaporate, the surface fades. If your asphalt becomes whitish-grey, you need to call in a resurfacing contractor. While asphalt rejuvenation can still work, resurfacing offers longer lasting results. Understand that once asphalt starts to show signs of weathering, it is usually at its weakest. This means that delays regarding resurfacing can mean more issues.

Cracking Along the Driveway

Unlike normal cracking that affects the entire driveway, this type of cracking occurs at the edges of the roadway. If you do not have curbing, or if the existing one has shifted, it means that the asphalt will spread out. While you can always install curbing once you notice cracking on the edges, such a move would not solve the problem conclusively. Resurfacing the asphalt as you lay curbing guarantees longer lasting results.

You should not wait too long to have your asphalt driveway resurfaced. Timely resurfacing helps keep it in pristine condition. It also helps avoid extensive damage, which might mean more expenses and inconveniences. To get the best results, you should work with a seasoned contractor.

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