Water Features to Liven Up Your Pool

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Creating the best pool environment for greater experience and enhanced home value is no easy feat. Things like application of concrete pool deck sealer are crucial, but improvement options do not stop there.

One of the best ways to take the design a step further is to add a water feature. Here’s everything you need to know about these pool accents:

Why You Need Water Features

Installing a swimming pool alone is an expensive affair, let alone an additional water feature. A $3,000 feature may seem expensive, but it does come with irreplaceable benefits.

First, it adds an allure to the pool than no other outdoor feature can. Given how hectic and busy modern life can be, it pays to have a relaxing sanctuary in your home, especially one that involves moving water. Since all this translates into optimal use of the pool, the curb appeal of your property is likely to increase.

Installation of the Features

For a pool that is yet to be constructed, it is better to install the water features together with the rest of the work. This way it will be easier to integrate the features into the design.

A network of hidden pipework that feeds the features is interconnected with the pool water. Installing the pool plumbing and the pipework at the same time makes things easy.

For a pool that is already standing, installation is still possible, but experienced hands are needed. Sometimes, you have a thought of adding features later. Let the pool builder know about it so that they can leave the necessary infrastructure in place.

Consider the following popular swimming pool features for your property:

Fountain Bubbler

Gushers, also referred to as fountain bubblers, introduce liveliness the shallow areas of the pool through their bubbling up effect. The shooting streams of water create a peaceful environment, especially when they come with LED lights. Your pool technician can use any color for the lights as well as add a light show of your choice.

Deck Jet

family playing by the pool

A deck can also be called a pencil jet. It feature shows as a narrow curved stream of water that goes into the pool. Like the fountain bubbler, the deck jet can incorporate LED lights.

Water Wall

As the name suggests, a water wall is characterized by a small waterfall into the pool from a wall. The wall refers to the structure that releases the water into the pool. It can be customized to your preferences.

Rainfall Curtain

For this feature, you create an elevated area over the pool and let streams of waterfall from it. The result is something akin to water falling from a roof without gutters on a rainy day.


Another source of pool liveliness, a sconce is designed to add a decorative touch to the poolside. It can be anything from a character to architectural element.

When you want to add a cool water feature, know that options are available and so are people that to install them in the most efficient way possible. Let the best contractor recommend the best concrete pool deck sealer and other related solutions guide you in this process.

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