Ways to Make Your Home Feel Global

Cozy room

More and more people are starting to call themselves “global nomads.” What exactly does this mean? Generally, the term refers to young, hip travelers—those trendsetting and jet-setting people. Otherwise known as glomads, this group of people have embraced global culture fully. They have gotten rid of the constraints of geography and live their lives over many continents. It might not be possible for everyone to do away with desk jobs and hop on a plane. But there are ways you can create a more global feel in a living room. Try adding these pieces of furniture for a fresh look:

Ethnic lamps

Light fixtures are a necessity for any room. This is why they provide the most opportunity for experimentation. You can easily switch out an old lampshade for a more interesting one without going over budget. Hanging lights such as beautiful Turkish chandeliers add a talking point to your room. These work as icebreakers during parties as well. You can talk about your love of Istanbul in a cozier room.

Printed rugs

You don’t always have to get custom-made furniture to make a room appear more interesting. Adding a bright new carpet will achieve the same effect. The best part is that there are so many patterns to choose from. If you want a pop of color, you can choose tribal prints. A soft Scandinavian foot rug laid out in front of a rocking chair will make your room look warm and inviting. If you have space to fill, you can add a Middle-Eastern carpet to make your room feel luxe.


This has the ability to tell stories. The style pieces of pottery are made in speaks volumes about where they come from. Interestingly enough, most cultures have their unique style of making pottery. From South American indigenous makes to century-old Chinese teapots, you will for sure find a style to suit you. You can even add tiles or terracotta to your walls in place of artwork. They are small enough for apartments, and not so big that they will be a distraction from your overall style.


A lot of people use books as decor. But including international books in your collection can make your home feel global. If you travel a lot, you probably pick up interesting books from airports all over the world. Even if you don’t, you can keep up to date with global literature by subscribing to online subscriptions.


indoor plants

We don’t usually think about plants when we think of souvenirs. With indoor plants especially—you can get them from different locations to make your house look more interesting. Tropical plants can spice up any old living room. Cacti are easy to care for and go well with a desert aesthetic.

The important decor tip to keep in mind while experimenting with these is to keep it simple. Don’t go overboard as too many things will compete for attention. Including a few signature pieces will wow your guests and provide a glimpse into your adventurous nature.

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