Wearing a Wrist Brace: Does It Help in Your Injury?

wrist injury

A hand injury is never a good thing. It limits your mobility, you can’t do a lot of work, and can’t even perform even the simplest tasks. The only thing you can do is rest, relax, and recuperate. The injury recovery process may vary depending on the severity of the injury. One thing you can do to speed up the process is to keep your hand stable so you won’t aggravate your condition.

Wearing a wrist brace may help your injured hand to recover faster. While some may think it’s just for vanity or that it can’t stabilize or isolate your hand injury, it is important to note that it can act as a hand or elbow support to prevent further damage to the injured part.

Here are three key benefits of wearing a wrist brace.

Stabilizes Your Wrist

Your wrist has a wide range of motion, thanks to the joints that connect your arm forearm to your hand. Unfortunately, that means it’s quite easy to move them in different directions, which is a problem when you want to stabilize it for recovery. Unlike your elbows or knees which move only in one direction, you need to stabilize your wrist from moving in different directions. Imagine having arthritic wrists and you don’t want to move them as much. Even the smallest nudge could cause pain.

Wrist braces stabilize the joint, preventing any excessive movement that can impede the healing process. It allows you to function normally, without worrying about moving your wrist wrongly and resetting your recovery period.

Reduces Swelling

Wrist pain

Imagine banging your wrist someplace hard, or slipping and falling on your hand, injuring your wrist in the progress. Even with no broken bone, your wrist would be swollen in just a matter of hours. It’s painful and unbearable, and there’s no other way around it aside from letting the swelling subside.

If there is inflammation in the wrist area, you’d want to immobilize the part as much as possible. Any extreme movement can cause it to swell more, and the more it gets swollen, the more painful it is for the sufferer. A wrist brace can keep it immobilized so that it can recover naturally and make the swelling subside.

Healing After a Surgery

Perhaps the most important reason why you should wear a wrist brace is to let your hand heal after surgery. There are common procedures done to your hands or wrists, and one of them is for carpal tunnel syndrome. The worst cases require surgery to fix the nerve compression that’s causing the problem.

After the surgery, you need to have a wrist brace so that your hand and wrists can heal quickly. Aggravate it by moving it around and the healing process will take longer.

Wrist braces are small simple tools that really help a lot. They may look odd when worn since you don’t know if they’re just weird-looking fingerless gloves, or if they do have any medical benefits. They’re helpful in stabilizing your wrists, reducing any swelling, and helping you heal after surgery.

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