What Does the Condition of Your House Say About You?


Our thoughts and dreams are not easily manifested on the outside. But when people look at our homes, its design, style, and cleanliness show our personalities in a different way. You might think that highly organised people have pristine countertops and uncluttered bedrooms. But studies show that the most organised people have the messiest sock drawers because they are too busy organising their lives that they have little time for anything else.

The state of cleanliness — or absence thereof — of your house reveals a lot about your personality. You need truck-mounted and portable carpet cleaning solutions to help you create order and cleanliness in your home. What other things your house might be saying about you?

Well-kept Gardens Mean You’re Happy

A study from Gardeners’ World Magazine found that people with rosy and well-kept gardens are the happiest. Eighty per cent of those surveyed with well-maintained gardens said that they are happy with their lives. A whopping 90% said that gardening has a positive impact on their moods. If you want to bond with your partner more, you can consider gardening together.

A Neat Bed Means You’re Happy with Your Job

Happier people want everything in their lives to be organised. When you see a person making their bed in the morning and keeping it neat, it means that they’re happier with their job. Aside from that, people who fix their bed are also more likely to hit the gym later in the day.

Cluttered Closets Mean You’re Stuck in the Past

Take a look at your closet. How many of those hundreds of shirts have you worn in the past year? When you can’t throw or give away clothes, it means that you’re clinging to the past. Don’t beat yourself because of it. There’s a technique for decluttering your closet. It’s called speed elimination. The idea is to throw away within 20 minutes everything you no longer use. Set the timer and start working.

Expensive Decorations Mean You Are Ambitious

People want to show off the best of what they can afford. When you have lots of fine china, decorative candles, and monogrammed hand towels in your house, it means that you are trying to impress your potential guests. You know that it’s these little details that mostly impress people.


A Clean Desk Means You Want Being Productive

There are some misconceptions about people with neat desks. They think that they are anti-social. But psychologists believe that this only shows that you want structure and stability in your workplace. At such, it makes you a reliable worker.

Open and Well-lit Spaces Mean You’re Emotionally Stable

When you have a well-ventilated, airy bedroom with light colours, it shows your emotional stability. People who are happy and satisfied don’t need to cover under the darkness of their bedrooms. Open spaces also indicate that you’re fond of socialising and might have a guest or two occasionally.

The condition of your home paints a picture of you. If you want to change how you are being perceived through your home, you can start by organising little things that are cluttered around your space. Keep your home in order no matter how you feel.

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